Mexico - Sea Glass Beach Reports

by Lin and David
(Odyssey Sea Glass)

Sea Glass Reports from Mexico? Yes!

Sea Glass Reports from Mexico? Yes!

Are you traveling to Mexico? Do you live in Mexico?

Depending on your travel plans or where you might live in Mexico, you sooner or later likely will be going to one of the thousands of beautiful beaches in this amazing country.

  • The east coast of Mexico (the Caribbean side) has excellent beaches for diving and is well-known for resorts like those at Cancun.

  • The west coast of Mexico's mainland also has great beaches such as those in Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco as well as hundreds of lesser-known but even better beaches.

  • Then there is Baja California, a world to itself. Most of Baja is sparsely inhabited, but the hot spots of the north down to Ensenada as well as the Cabo San Lucas area at the southern tip offer good sea glassing opportunities to the adventurous.

Where should you look?

Generally, any beaches on those coasts that have a history of being populated will generally produce pretty decent sea glass - unless they are in a deep bay or otherwise protected.

Be sure though to look at the list of beaches on our Mexico Sea Glass open in new window for sea glass links page.

For more information on finding an good unexplored sea glass beach, go to our page Find Sea Glass open in new window for sea glass links.

You'll learn there how to identify beaches that are likely to be productive of sea glass.

Also take a look at some of our existing pages on Sea Glass in Mexico featured below.

Please Help! Lin and I need some more first-hand reports on beaches in Mexico.

So be sure to take your camera EVERY TIME you go to the beach and send in a report... good or bad. All reports help others to make an informed decision as to what beach to search.

We and everyone else will  love your report!

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Comments for Mexico - Sea Glass Beach Reports

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Jul 25, 2019
Cancun Tulum Grand Bahia Principe entire Beach
by: Anonymous

This Resort is Amazing for sea glass We have found many larger pieces of sea foam green as well as brown, clear and light green, we have also found some very rare pieces of canary yellow and purple and some red as well as some solid blue glass.

If you have the time to search this area in your down time you will fill your bags with sea glass instead of crappy overpriced souviners. Happy Hunting everyone.

Feb 09, 2018
Puerto vallarta - marina area beach
by: Anonymous

Some larger white pieces, a couple Of smaller green, one small aqua coloured.

Thanks for the update A. Nonymous :)

Feb 25, 2017
Conchas Chinas and surrounding beaches
by: Anonymous

I recently returned from a month long trip to Puerto Vallarta and found a lot of sea glass on these beaches.

I found mostly white sea glass but some also varying shades of green, brown and some rare cobalt blue.

You'll likely see a lot of light to medium blue pieces which typically are discarded swimming pool tiles that have broken and eroded.

Depending on the tides and the strength of the incoming waves, your results will vary.

I like to stay close to the water's edge and scan for freshly washed up glass and then alternate to farther up on shore where the waves have carried shell bits, pebbles and stones.

Any waves strong enough to move stones can deposit many bits of sea glass higher on the beach.

Be quick in scanning because steady waves will wash great pieces away before you can pick them up.

Happy hunting!

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Feb 28, 2016
Cabo..Beach in Front of Del Arco
by: Anonymous

A few pieces.....white and brown.....small/tiny.

Hotels in Cabo San Lucas

Nov 13, 2015
Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico
by: Joy

Todos Santos, Baja California, Mexico - Rated: Fair (No photos)

"...a small pueblo north of Cabo San Lucas on the Pacific Ocean...beautiful deserted beaches..."

Added by: Joy (Thanks, Joy!)

Hotels in Todos Santos

Nov 12, 2015
Las Conchas Beach, Jalisco, Mexico
by: Barbara

Rated: Fair "...many green, brown, lots of white..."

Hotels in Las Conchas

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