Sea Glass Chimes/Suncatcher and Wreath

by Christine Rogers
(Puerto Penasco, Mexico)

Sea Glass Wreath

Sea Glass Wreath

~ craft project submitted by Christine in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

 "I moved to Mexico about 3 years ago and live right near the beach.  When I was there I noticed a lot of sea glass and decided to collect it. 

After a while I had so much that I wanted to do something with it besides put it in a jar. 

Sea Glass Chimes/Suncatcher - So I came up with a few things like this one and I'd like to show you what I made.

Sea Glass Wreath - I made this wreath from a piece of styrofoam that I cut out and then glued on various shades of blue green and white sea glass. I topped it off with 4 starfish to make it a little unique."

submitted by Christine 

sea glass colors line

Help us out. Can you identify the origins of these pieces of sea glass?

Sea Glass Identification ID question
Small Figurine - Need Help
Sea Glass Identification ID question
Identifying dark purple small bottle lip sea glass?
Sea Glass Identification ID question
Letters on Sea Glass?
Sea Glass Identification ID question
Does anyone know the origin of these pieces of sea glass?

Glass Beach Book

Glass Beach ~ A Sea Glass Lover's Paradise by Lisa D Walker

This book is a compilation of the fascinating history and the jeweled yet fragile present, of a beach located in Fort Bragg, California, called Glass Beach.  Read more...

sea glass colors line

Comments for Sea Glass Chimes/Suncatcher and Wreath

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Apr 21, 2011
Sea glass wreath
by: Anne

I love the wreath. I make shell wreaths and wondered if it could be done with sea glass. This gives me inspiration. I use cane wreaths which give a rounded look.

Apr 16, 2011
Drilling Sea Glass
by: Christine

To drill the glass I use my dremel with a diamond bit , I think it's 1.5, i have a pan of water with a piece of wood in it. Take the glass and hold it on the piece of wood, be careful with your fingers. I start to drill on an angle and then straight up after a few seconds. Make sure the water is covering the glass slightly and don't press hard on the glass with the bit. When it's about halfway through I turn it over and drill very lightly until the 2 holes meet. Some pieces are harder and take longer, but just be patient.

Apr 15, 2011
Sensational Suncatcher
by: Marylyn(SuperNan)

Love your great photo showing the mobile creation to perfection.

The suncatcher itself is simple and not cluttered. I love it!

I agree with Elevlyn,

How do you not break the glass drilling the hole?

I love the idea of The Sea Glass Wreath as my collection is getting out of hand, great way to display our finds instead of locking them away in a dark cupboard

Thanks for sharing.

Apr 15, 2011

I like the windchime/suncatcher but I am having trouble drilling do you do that with out breaking. Would apprciate any advice.

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