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February 13, 2018

We hope you are feeling great with a positive attitude. Sometimes that's a little difficult, but the effort pays off.

Lin and I are moving to Maryland to be near our daughter's family and Lin's mother. Many of you are in the same situation - urgent family medical emergencies are demanding much time and on-the-spot help. These are part of the responsibilities of life that we take very seriously.

In a lighter vein, weather (don't we always mention this :) is crazy again. After some of the coldest days in recent history, places on the East Coast of the USA are expecting unusually warm and beautiful conditions.

How is it in your area?

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New Posts with Photos and Sea Glass Reports from Around the World

Feb 11, 2018

"Sea my happy place"

This is a old six pane window I had found at a antique store and purchased it to decorate with my sea glass. The sea glass I found on our beaches in

Continue reading ""Sea my happy place""

Feb 11, 2018

Deep purple with snow flakes?

Very deep purple. Looks like it has snow flakes.

Continue reading "Deep purple with snow flakes?"

Feb 06, 2018

Deep Purple Sea Glass

Can someone identify what this might be? I found it at Fort Bragg, CA. It is an inch thick and an inch and a half in diameter. Thanks. Nancy

Continue reading "Deep Purple Sea Glass"

Feb 06, 2018

Padre Island National Seashore Sea Glass

Padre Island National Seashore - Sea Glass Report Submited Feb 6, 2018 Padre Island National Seashore near Corpus Christi, TX. - has never been good for

Continue reading "Padre Island National Seashore Sea Glass"

Feb 06, 2018

Feb 2018 Sea Glass Durban South Africa

I work with the Children living on the streets of Durban. They collect sea glass and we use it for arts & crafts. They are looking to sell what they

Continue reading "Feb 2018 Sea Glass Durban South Africa"

Feb 03, 2018

1/24/2018 La Jolla,A

Probably the best find of his life.

Continue reading "1/24/2018 La Jolla,A"

Jan 27, 2018

Glass Beach, Port Allen, Kauai, Hawaii

Glass Beach, Port Allen, Kauai, Hawaii, early December 2017. Sunny day, lots of tourists, these pieces only found by digging and turning significant

Continue reading "Glass Beach, Port Allen, Kauai, Hawaii"

Jan 25, 2018

Sea Glass Snowmen

I made several of these snowmen. Each part of the snowman is made from different colors. I used bottle bottoms as the body of the snowman.

Continue reading "Sea Glass Snowmen"

Jan 23, 2018

June 8, 2017 Ogunquit Beach, Maine Sea Glass

June 8,2017 Ogunquit Beach Sunny day beach bounty finds!My husband and I love The Norseman on Ogunquit Beach in Maine. We go every few months and stay

Continue reading "June 8, 2017 Ogunquit Beach, Maine Sea Glass"

Jan 23, 2018

Collection of sea glass from Easington and Horden beaches in Co Durham

Submitted by Zita - January 23, 2018 Collection of glass from Easington and Horden beaches in Co Durham. This took approx 3hours to collect. Easington

Continue reading "Collection of sea glass from Easington and Horden beaches in Co Durham"

Jan 22, 2018

Icy Cold Sea Glass in the Snow!

Hi David, My son and his wife became avid sea glass enthusiasts last summer and really enjoy the hobby. Not to be outdone by Old Man Winter, they

Continue reading "Icy Cold Sea Glass in the Snow!"

Jan 20, 2018

Massachusetts Sea Glass May 2017

Some of the treasure found on MA beaches

Continue reading "Massachusetts Sea Glass May 2017"

Jan 20, 2018

What kind of bottle is this from?

I found this piece of white sea glass on a beach in Gloucester, Ma. It is about 1 1/2 inches long, about an inch high, and 1/4 inch thick. There is a

Continue reading " What kind of bottle is this from?"

Jan 20, 2018

Semi-transparent green disc

Hi, Some years ago I found a small green disc. I found it on a beach in some travel location that I cannot remember, kept it although didn't know what

Continue reading "Semi-transparent green disc"

Jan 18, 2018

I See the Sea (Glass) - January 2014 Sea Glass Photo Contest

~ submitted by Joedy Bowden in Seaford, Melbourne, Australia Added info: If you live in Melbourne and are going down the peninsula, taking

Continue reading "I See the Sea (Glass) - January 2014 Sea Glass Photo Contest"

Jan 18, 2018

Does anyone have any information on this piece?

By: Dan - Oxnard, CA - Aug 2012 I found this piece of suspected glass on the beach in Oxnard, CA. It's a little over one centimeter in length. It is

Continue reading "Does anyone have any information on this piece?"

Jan 18, 2018

Odd piece need Identification help

My husband and I have found a very very tiny piece of White Sea glass that looks like some sort of old bottle stopper or old dabber. We have been looking

Continue reading "Odd piece need Identification help"

Jan 18, 2018

Caspar Beach Sea Glass Report

~ sea glass report submitted by Beverley Conley, Melbourne Florida I was not thinking that I would find anything on Casper Beach.  Just walking

Continue reading "Caspar Beach Sea Glass Report"

Jan 18, 2018

Brown and White Opaque Fusion Sea Glass?

~ sea glass identification question submitted by Sandra, January 2016 What is this fused Sea Glass?   Would you please advise on possible provenance

Continue reading "Brown and White Opaque Fusion Sea Glass?"

Jan 18, 2018

Beach Room With A View

Here is the ideal perch for the beach lover, beach comber, or sea glass collector! Reasonable rent! Book you reservation now! LOL We came across this

Continue reading "Beach Room With A View"

Jan 16, 2018

Banff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Banff beach. Near Aberdeen and Elgin. Found an abundance of white frosted sea glass with some green, sea foam green and one rarer blue. Banff Beach,

Continue reading "Banff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland"

Jan 10, 2018

Sea Glass Lamp Shades Japan

Please see and enjoy the gentle light of seaglass lamps. Aki from Japan.

Continue reading "Sea Glass Lamp Shades Japan"

Jan 10, 2018

Sea glass bowl from Montevideo, Urugusy

Bought a simple square glass bowl at Walmart and decorated the center with colorful glass from Uruguay. The center piece is a red glass button!

Continue reading "Sea glass bowl from Montevideo, Urugusy"


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