Brown and White Opaque Fusion Sea Glass?

by Sandra
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

brown and white opaque fusion?

brown and white opaque fusion?

~ sea glass identification question submitted by Sandra, January 2016

What is this fused Sea Glass? 

 Would you please advise on possible provenance of this piece I found on the west coast of Canada quite near the border. 

It is very dark brown and white until you hold it up to the light and then it is shades of amber with a bit of light green on the end.

The point of connection between the two colours is fairly straight and there is some tooling on both sides of the brown part which I am pretty sure is glass.

Thanks for your thoughts on this treasure.


~ sea glass identification question submitted by Sandra

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Comments for Brown and White Opaque Fusion Sea Glass?

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Mar 03, 2016
Similar find in Australia
by: Tania

I found a piece similar to this last week, at first I thought it was just a chunk of boring old brown but upon closer inspection later I noticed it was actually a very rich amber color and it had "flames" of yellow inside it.

A very pretty piece and I'm so glad I didn't ignore it as I have so much brown already. I wondered if it was bonfire seaglass?

I will get a pic up with my beach report soon once I have got some new batteries for my camera.

Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you find a very special and unique piece! My hubby says anyone would think I was picking up precious gems on the beach as I get so excited but to me they are precious gems and gifts from mother nature.


Lakes Entrance, Victoria, Australia

Jan 18, 2016
Thanks for the post. I will check out local rock group!
by: Sandra


Jan 17, 2016
by: Selkie's Sea Glass

I suspect you have an agate there. Take it to a local rock hounding place, see what they think. Very cool find 😊

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