"Sea my happy place"

by Alta Walker
(Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada)

This is a old six pane window I had found at a antique store and purchased it to decorate with my sea glass.

The sea glass I found on our beaches in Cape Breton NS.

It took me two days to complete it, I glued each piece with E6000 transparent glue.

Comments for "Sea my happy place"

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Apr 22, 2018
looks great
by: Anonymous

Fantastic job!

Mar 03, 2018
by: Janet

So original....very nice!

Feb 18, 2018
Sea Glass Window
by: AnonymousJane

That is beautiful!!!

Feb 15, 2018
Hello again
by: Nancy

Where do I get the E6000 Transparent Glue. ty

Here: E6000 at Amazon.com

Feb 15, 2018
Ty for paosting
by: Nancy

What a wonderful project...I will try this :)

Feb 15, 2018
Sea my happy place
by: Alta Walker

Thanks so much for your generous comments, I love this window especially when the sun is shining on it! πŸ’›

Feb 14, 2018
sea glass window
by: jimmy mac


Feb 14, 2018
Sea my happy place glass window
by: Maisie June

Well done both for original idea and workmanship. We left a beautiful hand made lead light window behind at a previous home. If I had made your window it would have come with us.

Feb 13, 2018
Love it
by: Becky

Beautiful piece of artwork! I love it!

Feb 13, 2018
by: Anonymous

Very cool

Feb 12, 2018
it sings to me.
by: Anonymous

Up on your Island, with glass from the sea.

This lovely creation, an artist you've been.

With soft bits of brown, and some smatters of green

you've captured the heart of Cape Breton.

Feb 11, 2018
by: David


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