Deep Purple Sea Glass

by Nancy
(Bandon, OR)

Fort Bragg California Beach Find

Fort Bragg California Beach Find

Can someone identify what this might be? I found it at Fort Bragg, CA.

It is an inch thick and an inch and a half in diameter.



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Fort Bragg score
by: Ruth

I found three when I was there Oct 2016. 2 blue and 1 red. Made me very happy!

sea glass marbles
by: Anonymous

it is a sea glass marble.they used marbles to balance ships years ago

by: Sondra

I've found pieces of deep purple (looks black until light is shined through) in Fort Bragg, CA. Took them to the Sea Glass Museum just south of town to have them identified. I was told they are pieces of insulators from light bulbs. Not all of the pieces I found had markings or ridges either, so maybe that's it?

by: Anonymous

Was curious if this would be considered a rare color for sea glass. Thanks!

Fort Bragg find
by: David & Lin - Odyssey SG

Nice find! Unfortunately, there is no way to positively identify a piece of glass unless it has distinctive markings on it, like lettering or other unique features.

Even then it many times is not possible.

On the other hand, you have found a very unusual collector's piece.


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