Geneva State Park Beach Glass, Ohio

by Chuck
(Bedford, Ohio)

<small>Photo submitted by Britt</small>

Photo submitted by Britt

~ Beach glass report submitted by Chuck in Bedford, Ohio*

Very long beach (over a mile) just to the west of Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio. 

Very stony for a Lake Erie beach, and lots of glass. 

I would rate it Good, though this doesn't reflect the huge amount of slightly sub-jewelry grade glass, especially blues, to be found here. (*See note below)

Most of my best finds were clear or green, but cobalt blue, seafoam (soft blue), and light purple come up at least once an hour. 

By the time you walk to the end of the beach, the waves have mixed up everything you just covered, making the trip back just as productive. 

One can spend hours here and just keep finding more!


*Note: The above photo was submitted to us on the page Geneva-lake-ohio-beach-glass

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Comments for Geneva State Park Beach Glass, Ohio

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by: JOHN

im from youngstown an love to hunt for beach glass ... i am a junkie ! happin hunting all !

Conneaut Park
by: Heidi

I live in Conneaut and the best place to find glass is at the beach by Conneaut Twp Park.

I have many blues, greens, clear, ambers, and even some yellow, reds (bright red and crimson) and a couple purples.

The purple are the neatest. They look black but when they are wet you hold them to the light they are deep dark purple! I have a piece that is bright purple too.

Wish I could find someone buying beach glass to sell the rare colors to!

Beach Glassssssss
by: Anonymous

I have been hunting beach glass for years and I haven't found a honey hole yet!

I've hunted Lake Erie, Lake Huron, and so far Erie is the best

I have searched from Toledo to Pennsylvania. I have found black and reds and some baluster's!

didn't find anything in Geneva
by: Anonymous

Husband and I have tried Geneva twice and have found nothing at all.

Tiny pieces of broken glass, maybe.

I cant believe these posts about the orange and reds....hmmm, nothing there now.

Geneva lake
by: Anonymous

Hello i am from the lake of geneva,,, and make jewellery with the sea glass of geneva and adder place's i been visiting,,,uk, thailand,,,

the rare one, in the lake is black glass... in the light is purple!!!

Enjoy sea

The swiss girl

Geneva Sea Glass Lovers
by: Jeff W

About 3 years ago, my wife and spent the summer in Geneva on the Lake.

A girl we met on the beach introduced us to sea glass.

We became obsessed and spent many wonderful hours combing the shores of Lake Erie.

We found many beautiful pieces and hundreds of tiny pieces.

Our favorites were the cobalt blues and sea foam greens (pretty rare).

We live in Florida and have only rarely found anything here.

Very cool hobby!

it's okay
by: Anonymous

huge pieces of white and brown blues, some greens. in Geneva township park though we found red, brown white and green

Geneva Glass
by: Alex

I've been going to Geneva with my cousins for five years now.

Over those years we have found many pieces: reds oranges turquoises marbles and many jewelry grade pieces.

I think all 5 of us together have found around 15,000 pieces.

geneva glass
by: tricky

Well wifey and i are heading that way next wed will keep you'all posted on our finds.

by: Anonymous

Nice! Never thought of lake coast glass...dhope!

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