Malibu Pier

by Candy
(San Diego, Ca)

Malibu beach sea glass
Greetings from Malibu Beach, Californ...

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~ By: Candy - San Diego, Ca

Sea Glass Report: Malibu Beach on the right side of the pier, past the second life guard tower just near the tide pools.

Where: At Malibu, CA USA

Candy rated this beach: Fair

(Editor's note: According to guidelines, beach is Rated: Poor: 0-2 jewelry grade pieces of sea glass per hour)

Description: Found a dozen amber over the course of two hours, with a smattering of green and even a few cobalt.

Only two pieces even remotely close to jewelry grade, both were amber in color. All were nicely rounded.

Comments: Very easy to get to, ample street parking.

~ By: Candy

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Map of Malibu, CA, sea glass area:

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Added Notes:

Malibu has long been the epitomy of the California beach scene since the 1950s and has been represented in many Hollywood movies.

Malibu Beach is still a favorite for many people and a great place to visit...even if you just hang out and watch the characters going by. Better than television.

Sandy beaches such as Malibu are not know for great sea glass but, as this report shows, you should be able to pick up a variety at sandy beaches that have had lots of visitors over a period of many years. However, much of the old sea glass will be buried by sand and not visible near the surface.

The best time for Malibu and other Southern California sandy beaches is after a period of big waves or storms. In the summer, a big south swell can roll through. Winter can bring howling storms and even flooding. After big swells or storms, there is a chance of finding older sea glass and other beachcombing treasures.

Bring the kids, the hubby or wifey, the grandkids, the ancient ones...and a surfboard or boogie board for each!

Great fun in the sun.

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Malibu beach sea glass
Along the Malibu
Kerne Erickson
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Recommended Hotel at Malibu Beach:

Malibu Beach Inn

Malibu Beach Glass Hotels

The Malibu Beach Inn embraces the serene beauty of the Malibu coastline through its landscaping, architecture and interior design.

It also embodies the spirit of one of Southern California's most exclusive communities through the warm hospitality of its multilingual, European-trained staff, its signature beach club, and a unique collection of artwork by contemporary painter Glenn Ness.

The Carbon Beach Club features California coastal cuisine with Pacific Rim accents that is complemented by an outstanding and extensive list of hand-selected small-production wines from California's premier wine regions.

The dining room offers both indoor and outdoor dining, both of which boast breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the sound of the tumbling surf below.

The Malibu Beach Inn is Rated #1 in Malibu Beach by TripAdvisor - 106 Reviews

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