Seaside California sea glass.

by James Hailey

Catch of the Day at Seaside, Monterey Bay, CA

Catch of the Day at Seaside, Monterey Bay, CA


See James and his Scooper at Seaside

Sea Glass Seaside Sand City Fort Ord
Seaside, CA Sea Glass Rainbow
by Heidi@Pajaro (Monterey Bay, CA) OK, not a single day's catch but we finally found a piece of red to complete our rainbow!
The results of 3 of us following...

Sea Glass
Sea Glass Vacation
Seaside, California, on the Monterey Bay - a delightful account hunting for sea glass with great photos and tales. Stephanie and her family exploring this beach for the first time  - with great results.

UV Sea Glass Seaside California
2/5/2011 Sand City Ca UV Glass - Catch of the Day
Feb 7, 2011 ... by James Hailey (sand city ca). UV glass. Some of my UV glass. All the ones ...


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Seaside Beach
by: Barbara

There hasn't been much seaglass down there in a couple of years, not even IN the water as previously stated by someone else (who said the only way to get "good glass" was to get wet). That was false. That person sells scoops...The same person broadcast on the news where this location was, thus drawing a heavier crowd.

I have an excellent collection from before things changed by simply walking along the shoreline at various tides. I had no theories of high or low tide at the time. It was random. Always found GREAT glass (rare colors, not white green and brown!) Those colors were there also, but I found loads of wonderful pieces.

It used to be on the top 10 of best seaglass beaches. I'm thinking it isn't on the list right now.

Seaside Beach in Monterey, Rough Conditions
by: Anonymous

I went to Seaside Beach on Monday, June 14th,on the advice of internet article saying it was a great beach for seaglass.

I checked the tide schedule and the low tide was at around 6am, we got to the beach at 10am. I was shocked when I got there- a bunch of cliffs!

I could not take my children due to the major surf and almost inaccessibility down to the beach- I left them in the car with my friend while I HIKED down the cliff side. Very rough surf and strong tide..

I spent only about 20 minutes there but did find large pieces of glass- mostly clear, one milk white and one light blue- I was happy with the size of the seaglass most about 1/2 inch to 1 inch but it was not easy to find- maybe if you got into the strong and scary surf with a bucket of sorts ??

I could see that it was an old dump so I'm sure there are treasures but I didn't get to explore enough. Just be careful there - oh and there were lots of dead crabs, bugs and Jellyfish on the shore.


Thank you for this good reminder, Anon!

Everyone should check conditions in the area they are going to for high waves and tides.

Usually, the best time to get to the beach is an hour or two before low tide.

To check on the wave heights and tides, you might try a surf report site online.

My favorite is, a company in the United Kingdom (Great Britain, etc).

* Go to
* Zoom out until you see the area you are interested in.
* Zoom into the spot nearest your beach.
* Click on the icon.
* When that page opens, you will see "Swell" near the top of the page.
* A swell of 3.5 or over means there are going to be some decent-sized waves. The bigger, the rougher.

Lower down the page you will find the tides.

Of course, your actual beach may be much more protected with no waves at all, (surf spots generally face the open ocean), but it is better to know what you many encounter.

Try this method.

If you have any comments on using, post a comment above.

David and Lin (Odyssey Sea Glass)

Sand Castle Inn Seaside, California

Located in Seaside, the Sand Castle Inn is just two blocks from the scenic Monterey Bay.

...more Seaside Hotels

Where is Seaside?
by: Laurie

I would love to know where Seaside is?

Hi Laurie! I'm putting a link in the original submission above to our other articles an Seaside.


by: Anonymous

Absolutely beautiful....I think I'll try making a scooper - I thought about using a colander, but then I have to practically sit down in the water.

by: Anonymous

That's really cool, thanks!!! It was a smart idea to use a scooper. I may have to try that sometime. :)

Sea glass
by: James H

Yes i find it among the rocks in the water but i use a home made scooper on a pole on a good day i can get about 10 to 20 lbs of glass. Today i went to the beach and got about 5 lbs in 4hrs all colors got 4 reds 1 orange and lots of other colors.

8D!!! - Seaside California Sea Glass
by: Anonymous

Wow! All those rare colors!! How long did it take you to find it all and did you look for it among the rocks or in the water? Wow. So many reds!! Great finds!

by: Anonymous

Beautiful sea glass! Great variety and perfect lighting to show off your many colors:-)

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