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Alexandra Battery Beach, Bermuda

by Nick Donofrio
(New Jersey Shore, USA)

Sea Glass Bermuda Beaches

Sea Glass Bermuda Beaches

Alexandra Battery Beach, Bermuda Sea Glass
Beautiful Photo Contributed by Lornette (click pic to zoom)

Nick Donofrio says:

"Hi all, I have over 45 years experience in the seaglass field and have collected seaglass all over the world.

One of the best beaches I have found and it really is no secret is Alexandra Battery Beach in St.George's, Bermuda.

The beach is not very big but the seaglass is deep, gorgeous and very old & frosted!! It even has a sea cave where the seaglass is about 3 to 4 inches thick!!!!

I left that beach and walked a mile with about 90 pounds of seaglass and that was in about an hour and a half!!!!!!

One word describes this beach....INCREDIBLE!!!"


Alexandra Battery Beach, Bermuda Sea Glass
Beautiful Photo Contributed by Lornette (click pic to zoom)

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Excellent (16+ jewelry grade pcs. found per hour)

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Comments for Alexandra Battery Beach, Bermuda

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Jun 23, 2014
Keep checking :)
by: David and Lin @ Odyssey

On a small beach like Alexandra Battery Beach, it is true that the amount of sea glass is diminishing.

How much is left? It's impossible to know.

However, from years of experience, beaches change from one day to the next, so a report from just one day to a beach may not reflect what you'll find.

One day there will be lots of sea glass... the next day almost nothing.

It's important to read the comments as they are updated to get an overview of the beach on different days.

Keep reporting and check back for new reports!

Jun 22, 2014
Not as plentiful as it used to be
by: Becky

Greed has gotten the best of this beach. It's not nearly as plentiful as it used to be.

I spent about an hour on my most recent trip to Bermuda out in the cave, where the sea glass used to be 4-5 inches thick most days.

It was probably only 1/2 an inch thick this time, and bare in many spots.

The main beach no longer has nearly as much glass as it used to.

Still worth the trip, but not nearly as amazing as it used to be.

Please be mindful of the fact that many locals use this glass to earn their livelihood as well and don't be greedy!

Jun 02, 2013
Please be Mindful
by: Anonymous

Please be mindful and not greedy with your seaglass hunting in Bermuda.

There have been reports of visitors on cruise ships filling buckets and giant bags full of loot from the local beaches, and as a result several beaches are now off-limits with Bermuda government posting No Trespassing signs with rules and fines for removing items you find there.

No one minds someone taking a small amount for personal use, but looting the beach for your business is not allowed.

The local sand and coral and shells are all also protected and will be confiscated by customs if you try to depart the island with it.


May 28, 2012
Bermuda Seaglass
by: Sue

I also visited Alexandra's Battery Beach in Bermuda and found lots of lovely frosted tumbled seaglass.

The "glass beach" however, shown in that picture is near the Royal Navy Dockyards, particularly the Convict's Cemetery, at the other end of Bermuda.

I have never seen so much sea glass. From what I was told, years ago the Royal Navy ships would anchor off that coast and throw their bottles off the ships.

They are still washing ashore producing lovely pieces of smooth edged, frosted sea glass!!

Aug 01, 2011
by: teri

then take your favorite pieces to kelly in st george's, next to the tavern by the sea. she will make you the most beautiful jewelry!

Jun 30, 2011
Sea Glass Dream
by: Gerri

Unbelievable dream come true. I want to go back to AB Beach.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Sea Glass everywhere.


May 13, 2011
Fun part of our trip to Building Bay Bermuda
by: Michelle

We just returned from a cruise to Bermuda.

The girl at the sea glass store in St. George told us that the name of the beach is Building Bay.

We hired a taxi in St George. He took us there, waited for about a half hour, and then took us back to St. George all for $25. He gave us the most delightful tour on the way there and back.

The beach is small and right next to the Alexander Battery. The walk from St George is uphill and down hill and probably over a mile. Several in our group would not have made it, so that is why we hired a taxi.

We had a great time! People kept stopping and asking us what we were doing. We came home with so much glass and we even found some of the elusive blue glass!

Definitely worth it!

Apr 29, 2011
Sea Glass at Black Beach
by: Jo

We just came back from a 5 day cruise to Bermuda with some sea glass.

Prior to our trip, I found online directions to where I could find some sea glass while in Bermuda.

It was at Black Beach across the road from the Dockyard Naval Cemetary. Amazing how much sea glass there - mostly green, amber/brown and clear.

It was a fun excursion - like a scavenger hunt.

We went to St. George one day, too bad I did not know there was a place there as well.

Mar 18, 2011
Sea Glass Heaven
by: Carla

I have been to Bermuda twice and both times have made it a point to visit this beach!

Growing up along the Jersey Shore, I too have collected sea glass since I was small enough to know what it was, and thought I had died and gone to heaven when I first walked onto this little piece of heaven.

We first became aware of it by talking to a taxi driver outside of Fort St. Catherine, and made the walk from there....pretty, and not too long, and were not disappointed!

Had not heard anything about the cave until we met another couple who were looking for that,and did not access it because I was having too much success on the beach!

Since then we have heard about the location by the Royal navy yards but haven't checked it out since we love this one so much.

Definitely a place to check out, glass is beautifully worn, and certainly plentiful! Well worth the trip!

May 07, 2010
Great photo...wrong beach
by: Anonymous

I agree that this beach looks like the one near the dockyard....not what we found at the Battery. The beach by the dockyard was 6 inches deep in places of well worn glass...

Mar 01, 2010
Glass Beach
by: Anonymous

The pictures here look like glass beach by the dockyard instead of the battery...The beach near the concrete wall to the left of the battery was very sandy and had lots of glass but NOTHING like this.

These pictures really look like the glass beach near the royal navy cemetery...

Sep 17, 2009
A dream come true!!
by: Yvonne

I have loved collecting sea glass, ever since I was 7 years old. I have turned many a people in to beach glass combers. I can't even walk on the beach looking up, it is always down.

I was lucky enough to spend 37 years at the Jersey Shore in the summer. I have dreamed of a place like Alexandra Battery Beach, I never knew a place like this existed.

I am so excited, I called my sister-in-law (a seaglass lover herself) and said lets book a trip and bring a big empty suitcase!!

Thanks for this cool site, I will be saving my money too for a trip to Bermuda!

Sep 08, 2009
Thanks So Much, Lornette
by: David (editor0

Although Lornette had given permission to use the above photos, I hadn't checked for her reply in several months. Now, thanks to Lornette, we can see what this beach looks like.

Click on her name to see 100s of other beautiful photos of Bermuda.

Aug 23, 2009
Great Glass Beach before and after Hurricane Bill
by: BarbaraNYC

Just spent a week in Bermuda, and visited Alexandra Battery Beach in St. Georges several times, including after a brush by the hurricane.

Lots of beautiful soft glass, including inside the cave (which isn't as easy to access as other posts had made it seem...you have to clamber over some big rocks...but it is do-able).

Much more brown and amber than I find near home, but also much less aqua and light green.

Very little blue, no red. Lots of great pottery pieces, some cool shells, and a parrot fish jaw that is actually turquoise and white!

I did try the other beach recommended near Royal Naval Cemetery near Dockyard (other side of the island) but was very disappointed--glass was available but no soft edges on any of it.

Then I got caught in a fierce downpour...oh well.

Jul 04, 2009
Great Beach
by: Anonymous

Wife and I just returned from Bermuda and had lost our directions to another sea glass beach over near the old Navy Cemetery.

A local shop owner told us about this beach and we walked to it from the Pier in St Gorges in about 40 minutes taking pictures along the way.

Didn't have much time because ship was to leave at 11:00 and it poured the rain the other days we were there!

The beach is tiny, with calm waters because it is somewhat protected -- a little cove really -- and LITTERED with sea glass.

Didn't know about the cave but will check it out the next time.

In about 20 minutes there we found lots of keepers including a couple of small blue pieces and one red.

Lots of different shades of green not commonly found in our area of Satellite Beach, FL

Jun 05, 2009
Wow, what a beach!
by: David (editor)

Thanks for this information, Nick...now if we can get the money together for a ticket from the West Coast to Bermuda, we're set!

Hey, if you have pics of your favorite pieces from there, we'd love to see them!!!

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