Sea Glass and Driftwood Fish

by David and Lin
(West Coast)

Sea Glass and Drifwood Fish

Sea Glass and Drifwood Fish

~ craft project submitted by David and Lin 

We brought home this interesting piece of driftwood but didn't really look at it until today.

When I held it up, I saw a fish...two pieces of sea glass with the driftwood, and there it was!

I will look for other pieces of colored sea glass to put in the driftwood body where the natural holes are so they kind of look like the scales or colors on the body of the fish.

There are so many things you can do with driftwood combined with sea glass and other beach finds.

Especially fun is arranging the pieces with your kids or grandkids and then gluing them to a weathered piece of wood, glass or just about any other stiff backing.

We use E6000 but only when the weather is warm enough to work outdoors or in a well-ventilated room.

A glue gun is our favorite for fast and not-too-particular work. It hardens super fast - but you will need to get rid of the "threads"  afterwards.

~ craft project submitted by David and Lin

sea glass colors line

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Driftwood fish
by: Sea4Me

I think this piece is just great!

sea glass driftwood fish

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