woodland beach delaware

by marisa
(dover, de)

Woodland Beach, Smyrna, Delaware, USA.

Found lots of pieces many sizes.

Tiny Beach, I have been told not safe if alone, we had no problem in daytime.

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more woodland
by: David and Lin from OdysseySeaGlass

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Disagree with the comments
by: Joyce Barron

Woodland Beach has been cleaned up tremendously.

I don't know who said it is not safe there, but there is an active neighborhood watch, as well as 24 x 7 commercial presence on site during the season and we have minimal crime.

I walk the beach daily and find many pieces of quality sea glass, recent finds include several rare black pieces, as well as several intact prohibition bottles last fall after storms.

Remember that this is a popular beach; there are many locals who visit regularly.

On a recent weekend, at least a dozen people were looking for sea glass or other treasures.

The best luck is going to be during the week.

Quality Glass Hard to Find But Is There
by: Cathy J.

Most of the sea glass I've found at Woodland Beach in Delaware is of the same quality as in Ann's pictures, but I have two excellent finds from this beach.

One is a bottle neck from the 1800s. The other is an old, 3 inch long nicely tumbled piece of aqua glass.

That said, there are the occasional wonderful finds, but most will be unpolished, fairly new window glass, and beer/soda bottle pieces.

You need to go at low tide or you cannot get to the area that might be productive.

If you just want broken glass that was in water, then this beach will work well for you.

Otherwise, it can take many, many trips here to find glass you will keep.

There are lots of very sharp, very new broken glass pieces on this beach, so you definitely need foot protection.

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