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Jadite - December 2011 Sea Glass Photo Contest

by Janet Marie Watley
(New York, New York)

Jadite - December 2011 Sea Glass Photo Contest

Jadite - December 2011 Sea Glass Photo Contest

~ submitted by: Janet Marie Watley -  New York, New York

This a partial collection of jadite that I collected on the sands of Lake Erie in Cleveland Ohio.

It was here that I first discovered beachglass and some wonderful beachcombers, who took me to Treasure Island literally :)

This town is thriving with beachglass artists and collectors. I never had so much fun in this exciting hobby and this amazing lake.

This photo was taken with a standard Olympus camera on a partial sunny day in Corvallis Oregon, another exciting town of artists that I had a chance to meet.

Suggestions for other photographers on the online digital photo contest?
When I took this photo, I was inspired by events in my life :-)

~ submitted by: Janet Marie Watley -  New York, New York

Map of Cleveland, Ohio, beach glass area:

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jadeite vvs jadite
by: janet

thank you! what a great resource book i love it! and will book mark this for future research

by: janet

it is very interesting, they are pretty unique!
thanks again Estela :) happy hunting :)

Jadite vs. Jadeite
by: David @ Odyssey

To clear up some confusion:

Jadeite is a mineral with a green color (not true jade).

Jadite is a pale green non-transparent glass used in various types of glassware over the years.

A definitive book on jadite glass with great photos is Jadite: An Identification and Price Guide:

jadite sea glass

by: Estela27

Beautiful pieces!
Interesting to find out that the opaque light green seaglass pieces are called Jadeites!

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