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Maine - Sea Glass Beach?

by Jamie
(Panama City, Florida)

Is there sea glass in Lubec, Maine?

Is there sea glass in Lubec, Maine?

~ sea glass question submitted by Jamie in Panama City, Florida

I will be vacationing in Lubec, Maine and I was wondering what good places around there would be good for sea glass hunting.

This will be my first time looking for sea glass and I am so excited about possibly finding some.

~ sea glass question submitted by Jamie in Panama City, Florida

Any of you Maine enthusiasts suggest a sea glass beach?


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Comments for Maine - Sea Glass Beach?

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Oct 08, 2015
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by: >>>

Land's end in brunswick.
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't go there looking for a sea glass bounty...i've been twice this summer and failed to find a piece much bigger than a pinky nail.

I read somewhere at the start of spring . someone claimed to have gotten five pounds. which explains my attraction to the spot.

anyone knowing any good maine spots . please email me .....mainemade4u (at) yahoo.com great luck in your searches

South Lubec Beach
by: Anonymous

We visited Lubec, Maine this past summer(2011), my grandchildren found over 500 pieces of good seaglass on South Lubec beach. They hit the beach each morning and evening after high tide, it was amazing what they came home with.

Maine Sea Glass
by: Jamie

Hi there - I live in Machias, ME which is close to Lubec.

Sea Glass is tough to find in the area, as the beaches are quite well kept.

About an hour or so from Lubec is the tow of Milbridge, and a State Park called "McLellan's Park" and you can find some good pieces there.

Also, Jasper Beach in Machias - if you go at low tide and hike to the end of the beach, you can find some nice pieces in the caves.

Best of luck!!!

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