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by Michelle
(North east Ohio)

Couple on the Beach

Couple on the Beach

~ Submitted by Michelle, Northeast Ohio

I have been blessed to live by water (lake, ocean) most of my life.

It wasn't until I moved to Rhode Island in the late 80's that I began collecting sea glass.

I am recently married (2nd time) and am a mother of a wonderful teeage daughter.

I would like to meet some one who is interested in collecting sea glass in the NE Ohio area.

Sea Glass Beachcombing for beach combers How to tell that you are a hopeless beachcomber by Dan (Boston)

As I wandered the beach yesterday, searching out glass, pottery and shell treasures; these things crossed my mind...

Great Lakes Sea Glass
Rare Sea Glass Colors Chart
20 of the rarest of the rare, harder to find, and fairly hard to find

Yellow Sea Glass
Yellow and Orange Sea Glass Colors
Among the rarest colors, yellow and orange sea glass is highly prized by sea glass collectors and artists.

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Red Sea Glass from Russia

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