How to tell that you are a hopeless beachcomber

by Dan

As I wandered the beach yesterday, searching out glass, pottery and shell treasures; these things crossed my mind...sure signs that you are spending far too much time beach combing...feel free to add any you can think of.

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Male Beachcomber, Footpri...
Jeff Greenberg

You find that youโ€™ve spent so much time walking on sand and over rocks that your feel unsteady on even, solid ground.

You find yourself looking at the glass items in your home and wondering what they would look like after a few decades in the ocean.
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Diana Ong

That permanent crick in your neck from looking down so much now requires you to purchase Ben Gay at the warehouse stores.
The most prominent thing hanging on your refrigerator is a print out of the monthly tidal charts.

You watch the weather secretly rooting for that big storm to come through and toss some treasures onto the shore.

While walking down the street, you find yourself instinctively spinning your head around to look at every glint of glass that you see from the corner of your eye.

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