Rarity/Value of beautiful sea glass piece. Stopper?

by Brian W.

Color in sunlight

Color in sunlight

Color in sunlight
Interior ambient light
LED blacklight in ambient light

My friend and I were walking on the beach the other day in So. Cal. She is into sea glass, and I'm just into anything at the beach. At one point I looked down and saw a bright yellowish something behind a rock at the water's edge. I was hesitant to touch it, as it looked like it might be some sort of jelly something. I pressed on it, and felt it was hard, not jelly. I picked it up, and it felt like glass. I was floored by the beautiful yellowish color and near perfect shape. Right away, even without reading up on it, I felt it was special, and that it must be a bottle-stopper of some sort. I presented it to my friend as a gift. She's pretty special too.

Later that night, my friend consulted her books, and felt it could be Vaseline glass. Once she explained what it was, I told her that I had a hand-held black light that we could check it with. The images below share what we saw.

This piece looks yellow, with a touch of green under sunlight florescent light. Under black-light it lights up amazingly.

We're interested in what the enthusiasts/experts have to say about this little gem of glass. Any input on the rarity, the likelihood of it being a bottle stopper, and some idea of desirability, value, real color description, etc. is greatly appreciated. Many thanks. Happy collecting.

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Mar 20, 2017
Value, etc.
by: Brian W

Thanks Val and Julie. The friend I gave the piece to feels the same as you do about the value, that it is in the rarity and beauty, not dollars. This is why she says she wouldn't sell it for any price. :-) She is, after all, a sea-glass collector, not dealer.

She has now asked me to go out and find her a nice piece of red sea glass, and all will be perfect in the world. That sounds like a tall order, but I'll keep my eyes out. Cheers.

Mar 19, 2017
by: Julie

You found a beautiful rare piece of yellow and I suppose there are many of us that are "green" with envy. Congrats!

Mar 18, 2017
by: Val

I think the value is in the unique one of a kind beauty hard to put a price on that.

Mar 15, 2017
by: Brian W

Hi Mike,

Bear in mind that this piece was found about a week after a pretty major storm moved through the area.

While I have virtually no knowledge of sea glass hunting, just a bit of beginner's luck I guess, I suspect it was a "one off" situation.

If it helps, it was at Nicolas Canyon State Beach. Good luck.

Brian W.

Mar 15, 2017
by: Mike

My wife is a very dedicated sea glass hunter here in California. Yellow is the only color she has yet to find.

Could you please share what beach in Southern California you found it on?

Thanks, Mike

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