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Sea Glass Beaches - Secret?

Sea Glass Beaches
Should you reveal the location of a "secret" sea glass beach?

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You would like to know where the VERY BEST sea glass beaches are, wouldn't you? Sure! But would you reveal your special spot?

Even some very public beaches are good for sea glass. Just because they are public doesn't mean that other collectors know about them.

Then there are the beaches you can only get to in a kayak at low tide.

And there's all kinds of beaches in between.

Should all these beaches be listed on the web for anyone to see? Or should none be listed?

Add your comments below. Scroll down to see what others have said on this subject!

Should We Post "Secret" Beaches Here?

What do you think? Some say don't reveal any of those special beaches. Others say it doesn't matter. What's your opinion? Why do you feel that way? Which beaches should we list? Let us know!

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What Other Visitors Have Said

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No Telling! In Hawaii it used to be a fishermans place now it's all polluted 
~ Submitted by Lono People like you that like to reveal secret places in order to make money or buy stuff from your site is wrong. Not everybody …

*Secret* Beaches and those who claim them. . . 
From experience, I can tell you that the majority of people who are against telling others the whereabouts of their *secret beaches* are those making a …

Overcrowded now 
At first I didn't mind, but now the tiny little beach near where I live has become so congested with people looking for glass from other areas, that there's …

In many parts of the UK sea glass is unknown 
In many parts of the U.K. secrecy does,nt come into it nobody knows what your doing anyway, in short, sea glass has,nt yet become collectable here in britain …

Discretion! Secret sea glass beaches? 
I was quite aggravated that I couldn't find any information on a beach that was semi-secret two and a half hour's drive from me. Why bother telling …

JC - Beach Magic? 
I think half the fun of it is finding different spots on your own.you got to use your brain, history of the beach . no fun in just telling the location …

Any beaches in New England? 
Question: Are there any beaches in New England that someone is willing to share? Answers: Comments from viewers (scroll down to view more comments …

Brant Beach, Long Beach Island, NJ 
I Found over 30 pieces in 1 hour. Stand were you see shells and rocks in the ocean and there's tons. Beach Chair Flamingo …

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, Ca. 
~ submitted by Ashley in Nashville, TN USA You left out a great glass beach by the name of Glass Beach in California. I visited there and …

Crescent Beach, Glen Cove NY 
Crescent Beach, Glen Cove NY ~ submitted by Sickitten in Long Island, New York I Hesitated...I Did This has been my secret beach for years …

Share the Beaches Good for Sea Glass Hunting 
I love your website, it's the only one I've been able to find that actually lists specific beaches that are good for sea glass hunting. I, for one, …

I want to share the beach ! 
~ Sea Glass Page by Toshi - San Francisco, California I don't mind telling people where I find all those beautiful glasses all the time. Do you …

secret beaches 
what do you consider a "secret" beach? is it one that's not been published before? one that people dont want to be published? what?

Secrets are secrets aren't they? 
Why are they called secret beaches?? They should be left secret!! Right??? More people less glass!!!

Keep Sea Glass Beach Secret? by Carla 
I don't mind sharing my special sea glass beach locations with those who know the true value of beachcombing and have a grand respect for mother earth …

When to keep the "secret" 
~ sea glass comment submitted by Suzanne in Washington State, USA My father was a successful fisherman back before technology did the job.  …

No story here today. I believe in telling all! It is a gift that people who feel the beauty of sea glass should share with others. It is a pay it forward …

First Timer - Please Share the Beaches 
My daughter loves rocks and glass. I think it would be fun to take her to the beach to go sea glass hunting but it is a long way for us to drive to the …

I'm new at this, but... 
Hi, I'm Murrah, an artist and packrat who recently got interested in sea-glass. I've been making fun "primitive" and fine jewelry with the stuff, and …

Keep Sea Glass Secret? Sharing should be okay 
It's very hard to find good seaglass where I live on the east coast. I agree with the poster who said they take very limited vacations each …

mo mo 
i don't think they should be revealed.. isn't that half the fun in finding the glass? i think finding your secret spot is just as exhilarating as finding …

Sea Glass in Indonesia? Keep it Secret? 
If you were talking about surf, I'd have to say keep it secret. But with sea glass the more the merrier! Why not join some sea glass collecting compadres …

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