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Sea Glass Commission Jewelry

"Here are samples ofthe custom sea glass commission jewelry I've made for different folks..."

Linda Schneider foto

linje designs sea glass commission jewelry is her own creations using sterling silver, gold-filled, copper, or brass wire and your special treasures to create one-of-a-kind unique jewelry for you.

Lin says: "I make each piece like it would be one of my own. Each piece is wire wrapped without glue, without soldering."

Here are samples of the custom sea glass commission jewelry I've made for different folks:


Sea Glass Commission Jewelry

Deep Ocean Green beach glass

Deep Ocean Green beach glass pendant wrapped in sterling silver with rabbit ear bail. Handcrafted to order.


Light Sky Blue Sea Glass Commission Jewelry

Light Sky Blue pendant wrapped in sterling silver.  Handcrafted on commission. 


Beautiful Seafoam beach glass

Beautiful Seafoam beach glass pendant wrapped in sterling silver with bail


Brilliant Green beach glass

Brilliant Green beach glass pendant - a great gift choice, Stu!

Green sea glass copper wire wrapped necklace

Dark Olive Green Sea Glass Set

Dark Olive Green Sea Glass Set Wrapped with Sterling Silver on Sterling Chain

This dark olive sea glass set is a commission made with sea glass from Italy.


Green sea glass copper wire wrapped necklace

Green Sea Glass Pendant

Green Sea Glass Pendant Wrapped with Copper on Necklace 

This green sea glass pendant is wrapped with copper. My mom asked me to do this for one of her friends.


Light blue sea glass wire wrapped sterling silver pendant

Light Blue Sea Glass

Light Blue Sea Glass Wrapped with Sterling Silver

This light blue sea glass wrapped in sterling silver was ordered by a customer for a friend as a surprise. Her friend had told her she really liked this piece she had found and the customer secretly had it made up.

When it was presented to her friend, her friend had tears in her eyes because it was "her sea glass."

Lavender sea glass sterling silver wire wrapped pendant

Lavender Sea Glass

Lavender Sea Glass Pendant Wrapped with Sterling Silver 

Sea Glass Commission Jewelry: This lavender sea glass was wrapped with sterling silver for a customer in Maryland.

Green Antigua sea glass wire wrapped in sterling silver earrings and necklace.jpg

Green Antigua Sea Glass

Green Antigua Sea Glass Pendant and Earring Set with Necklace

These pieces of green sea glass were found in Antigua by a couple vacationing there. The husband had this pendant and earring set made as a surprise for her. She had tears in her eyes when she opened it up. So nice.

I'm sorry for the photo, it's the only one I had!

I've done commissions using beach finds other than sea glass and semi-precious stones. Here are some pics of different commissions.

Fossil pendant wire wrapped in sterling silver.jpg

Fossil Pendant Wrapped with Sterling Silver

This fossil as well as the two farther down the page are from Flag Pond in Maryland. They are very unique. 

I wrapped this one with sterling silver as a pendant.

The lighter-colored fossils are not commonly found, as most of the fossils are various shades of gray or black.

Shell wire wrapped in copper pendant

Fossil Shell - Sea Glass Commission Jewelry

Fossil Shell Pendant Wrapped in Copper

This was another shell fossil collected at Flag Pond in Maryland and wrapped in copper.

Sterling silver wire wrapped Sanibel Island shell

Sanibel Seashell

Sanibel Seashell Pendant Wrapped with Sterling Silver

This seashell was very delicate and the owner wanted me to do a very simple wrap with it. The seashell held a lot of meaning in her family.They frequent Sanibel Island and have done so for a very long time. She was having it made for her sister as a surprise.


Amethyst sterling silver wire wrapped earrings

Faceted Amethyst

Faceted Amethyst Stones Wrapped with Sterling Silver

These were cone-shaped stones with a round face. Although somewhat difficult to wrap, they did turn out quite nicely, as you can see here.

You've heard the saying that "Diamonds are a girl's best friend?" Well, they didn't know about sea glass enthusiasts did they?

Most of us have very special memories attached to our sea glass and what better gift than to share those memories with a loved one or for oneself if a person doesn't have the time or the know-how to make their sea glass into a quality piece of jewelry.

It's a thrill and a I get a terrific sense of satisfaction every time I hear my customers say, "I love it," or when they tell me what happened when they gave the gift. 

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Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

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