Sea Glass Okinawa, Japan - Tucuchi Beach, Torri Beach

by Cheryl Paradine

Sea glass report Okinawa Japan
Sea glass report Okinawa Japan

~ By: Cheryl Paradine, USA

Visiting the Island of Okinawa, Japan for the first time...I first heard of sea glass. I searched the Internet and discovered all about it and how addicting it can be searching for it!  I spent 5wks visiting my daughter and family and began a new hobby! I lost count how many hours and times we went to several different beaches. I soon had a good start on my collection!

I discovered that there are a lot of brown pieces, probably beer bottles. I also discovered lots of white or clear frosted pieces as well.  I found emerald green and lime green pieces, but they were mostly tiny pieces. I also found a couple pieces of cobalt greatest finds were one purple, and one yellow piece. It's hard to believe how excited one gets during their search and find!

One important note...I quickly discovered the difference between an unseasoned and seasoned piece of sea glass! I actually felt like I was saving pieces for future sea glass hunters by throwing the unseasoned pieces back into the sea!

Sea Glass Beach Rating:

--- Fair- 1 to 4  pieces of jewelry grade sea glass found per hour, although I found a lot more than 1 to 4 pieces per hour!

Both of the beaches I mentioned are safe park beaches with lots of shells, corral, and sea glass...although Torii Beach is on an Army Military would have to have access to visiting this beach. These are both located on the Southern West Coast of Okinawa....otherwise known as the East China Sea. Happy hunting!

Map of Okinawa Islands, Japan:

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