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Beach Pottery, Jadite, and Milk Glass

Part of the excitement you'll feel when you are looking for sea glass is when you stumble (not literally) across beautiful pieces of beach pottery and ceramics.

These nicely-shaped and rounded shards are really great for artistic arrangements with driftwood and sea glass plus other beach finds.

With the bright colors in many of the pieces, they are also delightful to use for jewelry.

NOTE: Lin and David only sell sea glass and beach pottery at certain times of the year.

We have sold thousands of pieces of milk glass, jadite, and beach pottery over the years. However, we now live most of the year in Peru, South America, and aren't selling while in Peru. 

The listings and/or other information will give you an idea of prices on beach pottery and milk glass when we do sell. The links are not active at this time.

We also have an online store at Etsy - again, not actively selling at the present time.

To know when we do start selling, keep up to date with our free newsletter and/or our Facebook page.

Thanks for bearing with us!

For sizes of pieces, a coin is included in the photo. *Coin size in inches and centimeters see below

Buy Beach Pottery, Jadite and Milk Glass

More Photos - One

Stock #: PS2025

Category: Jadite/Milk Glass/Pottery - Washington State, Strait of Juan de Fuca

    Grade: Jewelry A to Craft A
    Color: Mix
    Pieces: 56

$10.95  (Sales temporarily suspended)

More Photos - One

Stock #: PS2026

Category: Jadite/Milk Glass/Pottery - Washington State, Strait of Juan de Fuca

    Grade: Jewelry A to Craft A
    Color: Mix
    Pieces: 58

$8.95 (Sales temporarily suspended)

Stock #: PS00071

Category: Beach Pottery - Washington State Coast

    Grade: Pottery B
    Color: Mix
    Pieces: 40+

$5.95 (Sales temporarily suspended)

Stock #: PS00062

Category: Beach Pottery from Tokeland, Washington State

    Grade: Mix
    Color: Mix
    Ounces: 6.4

$9.95 (Sales temporarily suspended)

For size comparison:


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