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Where are the best locations in NJ

by Kris

Where are the best locations in NJ to find sea glass?

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Feb 08, 2015
Sea glass extroidenair
by: Ted

I found a spot where there is seemingly an endless supply of sea glass. I would tell you but then it would be all gone.

Dec 26, 2014
Long Branch, NJ
by: Rebecca

I have been seaglassing in Long Branch, New Jersey for several years and have always found it to be excellent--for glass and pottery.

Last Christmas was one of the best sea glassing days I've ever had--pinks, jadeite, lots of turquoise and cobalt.

But, since the sand replenishment project this past spring/summer (2014), the glass is all gone. I'd say I've found five or so pieces total in my last three visits.

I don't know if all the glass has been buried or what, but it's gone.

I'd definitely appreciate knowing if this is the case in all NJ coast towns, or if I can find another beach within driving distance to try my luck.

Sep 10, 2014
by: Renee

Over the years, I have never found seaglass on LBI...until the summer of 2013.

Found a few nice pieces in Barnegat Light.

One looked like a very old coke bottle piece and a few seafoam green pieces.

I also found another piece this past summer (2014).

I spend my summers there every year and would LOVE to know the secret spots!

Jan 20, 2013
Post hurricane finds
by: Rebecca

I have never collected sea glass before, and don't really even remember ever seeing it, but in the months following Hurricane Sandy, I have found all sorts of sea glass--and sea pottery--on the beach in Long Branch, NJ.

I'm now hooked on this hobby!

Sep 02, 2010
by: cglasslover

In a recent vacation with my family to New Jersey, we found over 20 pieces of sea glass including a fully intact bottom of an old vintage milk bottle!!! Found a lot of ambers but also got some cool light blues and greens..... we found one small clear piece that was perfectly round.

Seaside Park, NJ (1 town over from Seaside Heights, where the popular MTV reality show, Jersey Shore, is filmed)

We went to a beach called Island Beach State Park

Hope this helps!!!

Aug 23, 2010
Best Sea Glass locations in New Jersey
by: Anonymous

Did you check the list on this site for New Jersey sea glass beaches?

There are 17 beaches listed.

New Jersey Sea Glass

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