Sandy Hook, NJ - Sea Glass Report

by Amanda
(Breinigsville, PA)

Sea glass collected in 20 minutes from just one of the beaches! (Beach K)

Sea glass collected in 20 minutes from just one of the beaches! (Beach K)

Sandy Hook, New Jersey

We visited Sandy Hook, NJ as a daytrip from eastern PA.

It was a comfortable drive without any major city hassles.

Once you go over the bridge, there are several beaches to choose from on both ocean and harbor sides.

There is a fort at the end of the island with a lighthouse, as well. Wonderful beach.

We combed the beach nearer to the end of the island, just before the Fort. I believe it was Beach K.

We only hunted for 20 minutes due to being rained out and I came away with some beautiful pieces.

There were a couple thick light sea-foam green pieces and even one orange piece!

There are lots of clam shells littering the beach and pieces of debris, so you have to look thoroughly, but if you keep your focus, you will definitely come away with some treasures.

A word of advice, there is alot of newely broken glass that litters the beach, so shoes are a must or you might get a nasty cut.

I just picked these pieces up and threw them into the surf to be tumbled and hopefully collected later.

Have fun!


OdysseySeaGlass appreciates this and all reports we receive. However, when evaluating a report, use good judgment.

Amanda rated this beach but I was confused as to two different ratings in her submission

The included photo does not show any jewelry-grade sea glass, so officially, from the photo, the rating would be "Poor."

However, as Amanda states, there is likely a lot of craft-grade sea glass for your sea glass projects.

As always, we remind folks that sea glass beach reports are not confirmed by Lin or me at Odyssey Sea Glass unless otherwise stated.

Reports that do not include photos of the sea glass found are less reliable. So use your own judgement in deciding whether to travel to this particular beach or not.

David and Lin @ OdysseySeaGlass

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Sep 23, 2022
Beach C
by: Joe S.

Went to Beach with my daughter. There are lots of rocks which we were able to walk around. Walked away with 23 pieces of sea glass. Actually found my largest piece ever. The bottom of an Aqua colored bottle. Went back two weeks later and found a total of 37 pieces between three of us. Will definitely go again

Sep 27, 2015
Sea Bright, New Jersey, USA
by: Cathy

Go to Sea Bright, New Jersey, USA

Sep 27, 2015
Sandy Hook, New Jersey, USA
by: Shelley

Sandy Hook, New Jersey, USA, I have been going there for 20 years 2 to 3 times a week.

I have never found any sea glass, and just a few shells.


Apr 02, 2013
Sandy Hook Beach Alert
by: D McC

Just thought I'd let anyone thinking of going to Sandy Hook, NJ know that one of the beaches is a nudist beach.

It's located beyond the Coast Guard booth where you pay for parking, on the ocean side (east side).

My husband and I love the nudist beach (so liberating), but in the many times we've been there we've never found any sea glass.

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