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Colorful Sea Glass Port Townsend

by Isolavita
(Camano Island Wa.)

Colorful Sea Glass Port Townsend

Colorful Sea Glass Port Townsend

~ submitted by Isolavita (Camano Island Wa.)

Catch at lovely North Beach, February in Port Townsend....how long can this last?


~ submitted by Isolavita (Camano Island Wa.)

Sea Glass Washington State
North Beach Port Townsend
Sea Glass Washington State
First Time to North Beach
Sea Glass Washington State North Beach
North Beach Sea Glass
Sea Glass Washington State
North & Glass Beaches, Washington

Comments for Colorful Sea Glass Port Townsend

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Still lots of glass at Glass Beach Washington
by: David

September 2014 - There is still lots of glass left. It gets smaller each year, though, due to constant wave action day in and day out. See some recent photos:

I Heart North Beach
Colorful Sea Glass Port Townsend
Hiked to Glass Beach

Happy hunting,

~ Lin and David

The Hike to North (Glass) Beach
by: Anonymous

Once you get to N. Beach where the boat ramp is, you have to walk at least 5 miles on the beach to get to Glass Beach.

And remember it's the same going back. And with so many pickers the glass is getting harder to get.

A LOT of people go there.


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Happy hunting,

~ Lin and David

Lots of glass left
by: Connie

We have been there at least 10 times since 2012 and there is plenty of glass left, many colors.

However, the pieces get smaller each year due to wave action wearing them down.

Not much left
by: Anonymous

Really isn't worth the 3 mile hike anymore.

More glass
by: sonja

I will be there in July, I hope you left me some glass LOL LOL LOL.

Was it plentiful? I sure hope so, am looking forward to the trip.

Our family lives in Port Angeles. Have fun!

by: Traci

Wowee!! That is fantastic, congrats. I have a sea glass beach like that close to me in Costa Rica that I have been enjoying for the past 3 months. Good Job :)

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