Red Sea Glass and Marble! Playa Los Muertos Mexico

by Kelly Waterman
(Amery, WI, USA)

Name of the Beach: Playa Los Muertos

City nearest to that beach: Puerto Vallarta
The state, country, or island where the beach is. Jalisco, Mexico

Found an unusual piece that caught my eye as the waves were receding the beach. There in the sparkling sun, was a shiny red thing.

I hurried over and while looking at it, I assumed it was plastic or even part of a child’s lollipop. I decided to pick it up anyway, and much to my surprise it was glass!

It has a bit of weight to it, so I know it’s not anything but. A passerby commented on my find, and I let her hold it and she even agreed on its heftiness. I’m not sure where to even begin at researching what it is or where it is from, but I found your website and thought I would submit!

I’ve never found anything other colors besides green, brown, blue, clear so I am beyond excited! I also managed to find a marble too yesterday!! First time for that as well!

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