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Seaglass Earrings, Sea Glass Earrings, Beach Glass Earrings

Wow! These handcrafted seaglass earrings by Lin Schneider of  linje designs  make the perfect unique gift for that special person. Or for yourself!

Since each piece of our hand-collected pure sea glass is unique, you will never see another pair of earrings like it anywhere. 

All of Lin's jewelry is available exclusively at:

The Chesapeake Gallery / House of Frames

475 Main Street
Prince Frederick,
Maryland 20678

Contact Information:
Joe & Bev Smialek
Phone 410.257.1420

Seaglass Earrings, Beach Glass Earrings, Sea Glass Earrings

sea glass earrings Blue Sea Glass Earrings linje designs #3011

Northern California Sea Glass Earrings
  • Cadet Blue Seaglass Earrings* Sterling Silver Wire Wrap
  • Earwires included
  • Size - Sea glass measures approx. 1/4 inch x 1/4 inch.


sea glass earrings White Sea Glass Earrings linje designs #3013

San Juan Islands Sea Glass Earrings
  • Pale Gray/White Seaglass Earrings* Sterling Silver Silversmithed
  • Earwires included
  • Size - Sea glass measures approx. 3/4 inch x 1/2 inch.

sea shell earrings pink Seashell Earrings linje designs #3027

Northern Peru Seashells Earrings
  • Pink Seashell Earrings Sterling Silver Findings
  • Earwires included
  • Size - Small

seashell earrings White Sea Shell Earrings linje designs #3028

Northern Peru Seashells Earrings
  • Offwhite Seashell Earrings 14/20 GF Gold Findings
  • Earwires included
  • Size - Small

Seaglass earring, beach glass earrings, sea glass earrings, made by:

linje designs - Linda (Lin) Schneider of OdysseySeaGlass uses sterling silver, gold-filled, copper, or brass wire to wrap unique and original seaglass jewelry earrings for you. Lin has years of experience making custom jewelry, including beach glass earrings from the Great Lakes, Chesapeake sea glass earrings, Puget Sound beach glass earrings, and sea and beach glass earrings from beaches around the world.

Here are the best wire-wrapped sea glass earrings for gifts or personal treasures.

Lin Schneider has honed her wire wrapping down to the essentials; light, airy, and ultra feminine, these earrings are a hit at the beach or anywhere. The elegant simplicity of Linje earrings goes well with all your clothing preferences. Just browse through these earring photos...and then choose! * Earrings made of sea glass or beach glass earrings - congratulations on your purchase! You can be happy to wear these one-of-a-kind earrings for several reasons. First, of course, that all these earrings are made of genuine sea glass. Secondly, the earrings are all recycled jewelry; that is to say, environmentally-friendly earrings and jewelry. Thirdly, all the earrings are original sea glass design; no two sets of earring are ever alike!

Whether you're at the beach, spending some time out with your friends, or dressing up in your best, genuine sea glass jewelry, especially set off by Linje's earrings, will add a special touch!

You can't go wrong choosing the natural beauty of beach glass earrings and other beach earrings to bring out your best.

For complimentary jewelery to wear with your earrings, see:

sea glass colors line


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sea glass colors line


Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below.

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