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Sea Glass Mirror Crafts Project

Make a Sea Glass Mirror or Photo Frame

Ways to use your collection of sea glass! Easy to do, yet unique and attractive. Photos and steps to create a beach glass frame.

A sea glass picture frame or mirror is a nice and fairly simple way to use your sea glass collection.

Although I will be talking about creating a sea glass frame for a mirror, the same steps apply to a photo frame.

Also, this is a project that doesn't require the special equipment necessary to know how to drill sea glass.

Summary of this page:

Find a mosaic-ready mirror (or flat wood picture frame) you like and glue or grout your pieces of sea glass onto it around the edge of the mirror to give it a border.

Depending on your preference, you could also glue on shells, sand (craft sand will do if you don't have access to a beach), pebbles, driftwood, or other attractive things you've found at the beach.

Steps to making a Sea Glass Mirror:

1. First, lay your mirror out on a table.

Sea Glass Mirror

Before gluing or grouting, decide how you want to arrange the sea glass and shells and whatever else you're using.

Move things around until you find a sea glass mirror layout that you are happy with.

2. Next, take your super glue, epoxy glue, or silicone adhesive and glue each piece onto the mirror.

Gluing sea glass to mirror

After you have glued everything onto the mirror, you can then go back and fill in the empty spaces with small shells, beach pebbles, or sand, depending on the effect you want.

Let it dry completely.

At this point, you could add your picture-hanging hardware and be finished.

Or you could go on to the next step.

3. Wire-wrapping Your Mirror

Materials for wire-wrapping sea glass mirror or frameWire cutters and a knitting needle as well as #18 gauge copper wire are pictured.

Take wire (copper wire is nice and not expensive) and wire wrap the mirror, being sure to not cross the center of the mirror.

Tools and materials you will need to do this are:

  • wire cutters and
  • a knitting needle as well as
  • #18 or #16 gauge copper wire
Sea Glass Mirror Back Wrap Wire

You can do a simple wrap as shown in the photo of the back of the sea glass mirror here, or use your creativity to make the wrap more artistic.

Making a loop in wire-wrapping sea glass mirror

Finish off the wrap with a loop made as shown in this closeup.

Finished sea glass wire-wrapped mirror

When you are done, the mirror should look similar to this.

Follow steps 1 and 2 for creating sea glass photo frames.

Related Ideas

Sea Glass Mirror with candle

An additional idea would be to use smaller mirrors and instead of creating it as a mirror to be hung on the wall, place a candle on top of it and use as a centerpiece or gift.

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