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Seaglass Jewelry and Beachglass Jewelry

Are you fascinated by sea glass? A growing passion for collecting seaglass or beachglass pieces or beautiful sea glass shards has resulted in an increasing interest in sea and beachglass jewelry.

Seaglass and Beachglass Jewelry Lines

Here at Odyssey, we have our own line of Lin's handmade jewelry as well as all the information you need to participate in this fascinating hobby.

A growing passion for collecting sea or beachglass pieces or beautiful sea glass shards has resulted in an increasing interest in sea and beachglass jewelry.

What beachglass or sea glass jewelry and crafts are available?

To look at Lin's jewelry, click here. Or to see the beautiful "raw" genuine, natural beach glass sold by us specifically for jewelry and crafts, click here.

You can see the beach glass sold by piece, in matched pairs, and in bulk color or mixed groups.

The naturally wave-tumbled glass we offer for sale is clearly marked as to what it's grade, color, and size is.

Our jewelry lines are designed around a range of hand-collected beachglass finds from beaches on the East and West Coast of the United States as well as select pieces from Japan, Italy, and other exotic beach areas.

The Basic Kinds of Seaglass or Beachglass Jewelry

Sea Glass Jewelry
Seaglass Jewelry or beachglass jewelry
Wire-wrapped beachglass make a spare but elegant fashion statement.
What are the basic kinds of sea or beachglass jewelry?

  • The simplest but also effective sea or beachglass jewelry is made by drilling a hole in the shard of sea glass using a diamond bit drill.

Then simply add a loop of silver, copper, or gold wire, etcetera, and you have a pendant; or, if you make a pair, beachglass earrings.

  • Another very popular method is wrapping beachglass with a wire-wrapping technique.

This is the technique mainly used by some of the most popular sea and beachglass jewelry artists, Lin included.

  • A third technique used by other handcrafted glass jewelers is bezeling sea and beach glass pieces.

Seaglass Jewelry
Seaglass Jewelry or beachglass jewelry
Bezeling jewelry is especially effective with beach glass
As you can see in the photo to the left, bezeled seaglass jewelry adds a sophisticated touch to your beach glass.

Bezeling with sterling silver or gold is very attractive and can be used very effectively to make rings, bracelets, earrings, and other beachglass jewelry.

Bezeling is a great way to set or mount seaglass, since it allows light to pass through the beachglass unimpeded.


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