Amber 'Glass Thirsty' Rose

One day in SD

One day in SD

~by Amber 'Glass Thirsty' Rose

I am 28, a painter and since September of last year, a glass thirsty treasure hunter! lol no not really but i am a fanatic and as with anything i love or am into, I enjoy traveling anf looking for pieces of sea glass.

I have never really been into collecting anything so this strange to come into now. My mom and dad would go to the beach with their trailer on holidays or certain weekends, (oh i live in HB, man it would suck and if I didn't!)and one day we were walking along the beach and were just picking them up, and what a thrill it was!

I was totally hooked and captured after that! And since most of our family is lucky enough to live on beaches, we always look, but I have taken it to a new extreme, I drive once a week to somewhere far and my bf and I beach comb, and was lucky enough to find a blue piece, which happen to be my favorite and have since found a perfect grey piece! and two blacks, which I would never have picked up, but the sun was hitting it just enough to see the sand underneath! But yeah that's about it.

I always try to justify my obsession sea glass and say it's because it's valuable, but I could never sell it, I love every piece of it, and going through it and admiring it, is my favorite thing to do - and to also show people who aren't interested in it at all and have them look at me funny.

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