Are these floral marbles?

by Liz
(Old Lyme, Ct, USA)

One side is a little flat.

One side is a little flat.

Niantic Connecticut - Id floral marble?

May 2018

My daughter and I found these 3 purple pieces over 2 days on the same beach in Niantic, Ct over Mother’s Day weekend.

I kept telling her all I wanted was a marble for Mother’s Day and she found the 1st one Saturday.

We went out again Sunday and found one apiece.

~ submitted by Liz

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May 16, 2018
I found some also
by: Kathy

I found 5 of these on different days last year. I also saw a post previously from another person who found 2.

I think they are floral beads and we're from a decoration in someones home in Niantic, who's house was damaged by Sandy a few years ago.

Im guessing of course because I would hope that someone isn't putting them there and they are fake.

You can buy these at local craft stores and they are frosted already. It just seems odd to find so many at the same beach.

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