Best Tides to Look for Sea Glass?

by Lisa

Best Tides to look for Sea Glass?

Best Tides to look for Sea Glass?

Can you please tell me if a proxigean tide is a very low tide and one of the best times to go look for sea glass?

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Aug 18, 2016
Maybe Not
by: Pete Suchon

If you go here You can see that the proxigean tides are extremely HIGH tides.

Although it stands to reason that an extreme high tide should be followed by an an extreme low. My tide chart shows that the lowest low occurs on the second low tide of the day (1/30/2010) at about 1930 on the Pacific Coast and that it is only -1.14 feet. Not exactly a low tide.

I think the best result you can hope for from a proxigean tide is that the extreme high water will carry stuff farther up the beach so that it has less chance of washing back out. Hope this helps.


Nov 16, 2009
by: lisa

Thanks for the website. It is helpful. I live in New York, Staten Island. I have a favorite beach Me and the kids go sea glass hunting. I find low tide best on this beach. 2 weeks ago we found a marble, my first.

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