Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia - Artefacts Jewellery Design

by Melody Tallon
(Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia)

Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia - Artefacts Jewellery D

Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia - Artefacts Jewellery D

Artefacts Jewellery Design offers designer jewellery which includes sea glass with other non-traditional materials.


I have always been involved in art and crafts of various types since I was a child, but it is only in recent years that I have turned my hand to non-traditional jewellery-making.

by the sea jewelry delaware

I somehow stumbled across the Odyssey Sea Glass website when I first began designing and told my husband about this unusual material that I had never heard of before.

He knew exactly what I was talking about and told me he would get some for me and I just had to incorporate it into my jewellery from that time on.


My pieces range from quiet, subtle designs to over-the-top, flamboyant creations that are not for the faint of heart!

by the sea jewelry delaware
My idea is for each of my customers to celebrate their individuality using my jewellery, most of which are one-of-a-kind.

All of the sea glass used in my pieces is authentic and found by my husband in his forays to the inner harbour beaches in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

He also carefully drills the holes in each piece for me!

Sea Glass


Sea glass is a brilliant form of recycling, re-using and re-purposing in our ecologically-aware society. Items made of sea glass, especially jewellery, also make fantastic souvenirs if the glass is sourced from local beaches.

It provides a tangible piece of local history and each piece is unique, making it all the more interesting and desirable.


I am open to commissions and suggestions from my customers and will accommodate requests to the best of my ability. I am also happy to combine the media I use, which includes polymer clay and chainmaille as well as sea glass.

One of my customers commissioned a neckpiece that incorporated a large number of sea glass pieces to give to her mother as a memento of Sydney when she returns to England every 6 months.


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