Bottle stopper

by Teresa

I found this bottle stopper recently on a Lake Erie beach near Westlake, OH.

It appears to have the initials C&C at the top.

I looked on some glass ID sites but have not found any info.

Can anyone tell me more about it?

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Jun 02, 2018
Bottle stopper
by: Beechbaby

I found one on a Florida beach years ago. Mine is a pale green.

We thought it might be a perfume bottle top BUT it's not.

We happened to stop in a museum in south Georgia that was hosted by a man well versed in glass and relics from the civil war eras. He told me it was likely a top to an old, old Lea and Perrine bottle.

We searched the net when we got home and that's what it was!

Good luck with your search!!

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May 25, 2018
A real treasure!
by: Carol

Wow! What a beautiful piece. Do you think it could have been from a perfume bottle? Or perhaps something medicinal? I'll do some detective work and if I find anything I will let you know. Congratulations on such a neat find!

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