Bounty at High Island, Tx.

by Kay Carruth
(Longview, Tx.)

High Island, Texas Sea Glass

High Island, Texas Sea Glass

These are a fraction (over 400) of the pieces I found at High Island a couple of weeks ago. There are 4 bonfire pieces (2 clear, 2 green), several pottery shards, some pieces of blue, amethyst, yellow, clear, green & of course brown. I also found 2 hamburger seeds. There is also a marble that came rolling in on the tide onto the beach right in front of my foot. I thought I was seeing things! Also found several Coke pieces. One can see the offshore drilling rigs from the beach. Maybe that's why I found a 25# bag of potatoes, 6 onions & 3 apples!

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Mar 31, 2011
first time in Galveston, first time to find glass
by: marjoryt

Hubby and I went to this area as an unplanned holiday. Based on the previous entries, I decided to look for beach glass - my first time ever to do so!

This was the first week in March, just before the spring breakers arrived and just after some really nasty weather. The wave action was really high.

We drove east to west along the Galveston City sea wall to the end, then turned around and would stop periodically and just walk along the beach.

On the second stop, I walked right along the water edge and found - an ARROWHEAD! 3rd stop, a quarter and a penny. 4th stop nothing, so we rode back (going East) and rode the ferry back.

We took the first right that headed toward the beaches. We found them - completely empty and parked in the free parking area, then headed toward the point where the boats were in the pass.

Along the way, I found plenty of glass - mostly clear bottles and the light green. We had expected brown, but there wasn't as much as expected.

Leaving the beach, we decided to stay on the same road - nothing there but rocker oil rigs and some cows. On the road itself, we found more beach glass. Now, to actually do something with it.

Aug 12, 2010
Bonfire glass
by: Kay Carruth

Hi Sue,
Yes, I was elated!!! I'm going to send some more pics in from my last trip. There is some info about bonfire glass on this website. It's entitled, "Sea glass with sand, water & bubble inside". Or, just google bonfire glass..there's LOTS of websites you can go to. The bonfire glass that I found all had sand melted into the bubble or water. It's very interesting looking & I think, quite unique. Where do you live in Texas? Thanks for your interest..

Aug 11, 2010
Great find in TX
by: Sue

Wow, you really found some treasures. Wish I lived closer. What are "bonfire" pieces? That's a new term for me! Congratulations!! You must be so excited.

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