Coyote Point Beach, Burlingame California - Sea Glass Report

(Millbrae California)

My kids and I love to search this beach for Sea Glass. It may take a little while, but we usually end up leaving the beach with 1-2 pockets full.

This morning there was an unusually low tide and we found a large chunk of pale purple, a really cool piece of a coke bottle and some pieces of a really pretty turquoise color.

Mostly, we found dark green, white and orangy brown. It's a real treasure hunt.

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Feb 27, 2017
No wave action
by: Sandy

I looked for photos in Google for Coyote Point and don't see any waves so probably the sea glass is pretty raw.

Feb 26, 2017
by: Anonymous

Several Light Blue's and Citrons, large pieces and well rounded.

The narrow area between the rocks and the sea is isolated but a jackpot.

Some Honey Amber shards and lots of green, yellow green, and clear.

Overall, Coyote Point Beach is a good place if you just want something, even just some common colors.

Good luck with your hunt!

May 03, 2016
High quantity Fair Quality
by: Anonymous

You will find sea glass here and it's a great place for those that want to leave with several pieces. I imagine it's perfect for kids that could lose interest with out several finds.

You will stumble upon a mix of sea glass and trash glass that are mostly green followed by the common Browns and whites.

If you want to go home with a big ol' bag of greens, this is your spot!

Nov 03, 2015
Bayview District, San Francisco, California
by: Kelly Berben

WOW! I found at least a few hundred pieces.

Is that normal?

I found 6 small red, a few small orange, lots of white large frosted, browns, greens and gold colors.

Sep 19, 2013
5 star rating on the amount but nothing rare in color.
by: Shannon

Thanks Lillian,

I took your tip & found too many to take home! :D only saw tiny ones on the coyote point area.

Another awesome place a guy told me about in that area is around by the marina.

Park in the marina parking lot & go to the north east corner to a small beach by the rocks & there was so much, I had to leave plenty for others.

Mostly white, green, & brown but tons of bigger pieces with ridges etc. also a ton with ridges on the beach Lillian mentioned.

I'm from Utah & make jewelry so I was THRILLED to find so much!!!

Here's the Hotels near Coyote Point Park

Jun 12, 2013
Another Tiny beach at Coyote point to go sea glass hunting
by: lilian

We went out exploring Coyote Point yesterday and found another little tiny beach with sea glass.

If you walk all the way out on the long thin strip of land between the harbor and the bay where the fishermen are you can sometimes see a beach at low tide.

It's on the bay side and you have to climb down the big rocks to get to it.

It's only a couple of feet between the rocks and the water and the beach is all shell, so when I say tiny I mean it!

We found about 50 pieces of sea glass in about 30 minutes.

Green, white, brown, a couple of aqua and a pretty lavender piece.

Lots of really rounded and frosted bottleneck pieces.

The beach isn't always there, but when it is, there is treasure to be found!

Jan 09, 2012
On Jan. 8 2012
by: Ken, Syracuse

Spent 2 hours here at Coyote Point Beach and found 100+ pieces pf beach glass, 24 were high quality all others were smooth, most were green,brown and white.

The best piece is aqua (3) in color half inch by half in and 1/4 inch thick almost perfect square with rounded edges.

Found very little in swimming area, all glass found required some walking on large rocks to get to shore line.

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