El Poris, Tenerife - Beach Bounty Sea Glass

by Cassandra Elliot
(El Poris, Tenerife)

Selection from the pieces we hand picked ourselves.

Selection from the pieces we hand picked ourselves.

Cassandra Elliot,

Contact email address: newbycakes@googlemail.com
Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/BeachBounty?ref=hdr_shop_menu

We are a small new business based in El Poris, Tenerife. Initially we moved here to start a simpler more environmentally friendly way of life in the sun but to our surprise we also discovered a passion for sea glass when we came across some beautiful pieces while exploring the local beaches here. After that we were hooked and decided to see if we could use our passion as a way of earning an income as well as satisfying our addiction and supporting environmentally friendly products.

We primarily sell raw sea glass that we find ourselves, as well as some other beach supplies like driftwood, beach stones etc. We have just opened an Etsy shop where we sell a range of handmade ocean themed products made by ourselves including handmade sea glass jewelry and other beach found items like beach pottery and driftwood. We have been building a range of interesting collectible sea glass pieces as well as mixes and bundles of jewelry grade and craft grade sea glass for supplies and have just started working on listing them online.

We enjoy the whole process of learning about sea glass, finding sea glass and creatively photographing it since we find it such a pleasure to work with.

We are loving being creative with sea glass in artistic and crafty ways and we're looking forward to exploring the other creative possibilities that sea glass has to offer.

We believe we can offer very reasonable prices on all grades of glass and are lucky enough to have some interesting collectible pieces at this point too, which we are in the process of listing and photographing. People can contact us with any enquiries to see if we have what they are looking for and we are more than happy to help.


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