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End of a Beach Glass Summer

In between the freshness of a spring day at the beach and the crisp mornings of autumn, the hazy crazy days of summer at the beach are days we all remember.

Although the end of summer, with its beginning of the school year for some, is something not all look forward to, for beach combers, the anticipation of winter storms and the treasures they uncover make this time of the year a beginning as much as an ending.

Here, we take a look at the perfect end to a beach glass summer - sea glass, beach rocks of different colors, driftwood, beach people, and lots of salmon being caught!

End of a Beach Glass Summer

Lin with her eyes downcast...as usual...but her spirits are high...West Beach, Deception Pass State Park, Whidbey Island, Washington.

End of a Sea Glass Summer

End of a Beach Glass Summer - We took a brisk walk about 1-1/2 miles south on West Beach. Not much was turning up except a few common colors with chips, etc.

On the way back, though we slowed down and found a few nice pieces like the one above that looks like it is floating in mid air.

Beach Summer Blue Sea Glass

And this beautiful light Cyan Beach Glass.

End of a Beach Glass Summer - Then Lin found a BIG piece of old frosted pale blue sea glass:

Beach Summer Big Blue Sea Glass
Giant Blue Sea Glass
Huge Blue Sea Glass on Beach

And an oblong bluish cylinder of sea glass with a rounded end:

Oblong Sea Glass Beach Summer

End of a Beach Glass Summer - It was such beautiful weather, in the 70s, and we really hadn't been expecting it. The weather report had said it would only be around 66 degrees.

Of course we were thrilled with the sunny beach, enjoying our walk, and found some other nice treasures along the way.

One of the side benefits of the beaches in this area are the eye-pleasing beach rocks, including petrified wood:

Petrified Wood Whidbey Island Beach Summer

And interesting colors like this red and black beach rock:

Red and Black Rock Whidbey Island Beach Summer

To top things off, we ran into another of the local beach glass families and had a entertaining conversation....as well watching the excited fishermen who were pulling in salmon right and left!!!

Beach Summer on Whidbey Island family collecting sea glass
Beach Summer on Whidbey Island catching salmon

All in all, a very satisfying End of a Sea Glass Summer.


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