Falls Church, VA - Sandi Sea Designs

by Sandi Parker
(Falls Church, VA, USA)

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Falls Church, VA - Sandi Sea Designs

Sandi Parker

She Sells Sea Glass Hobart Tasmania Australia 
Sandi Sea Designs is my line of handmade jewelry inspired by the sea.

The pieces can be purchased at Little City Studios at Stifel and Capra, 260 W. Broad St., Falls Church, VA.

Sea Glass Jewelry Artist:

Each one-of-a-kind piece is made with sea glass, stones, pottery shards and shells found along the Maine and Delaware coasts and in the Caribbean.

The line features necklaces, chokers, pendants and earrings. These pieces are sold out of my shop at Little City Studios in Falls Church VA and on my website.

I will soon be opening an Etsy shop.

Custom pieces are available; I recently created a piece for someone to give as a gift to a girl for her confirmation, featuring sea glass with a cross made of pearls.


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I have always loved the beach, as evidenced by
my seascape paintings, and scavenging for beautiful things on the sand and among the rocks has been a lifelong passion.

She Sells Sea Glass Hobart Tasmania Australia
Choker pendant made with wonderful piece of clear sea glass with the word "ONE"

I recently decided to begin using the many interesting and pretty things I have found on my beach vacations in a creative way, as pieces of wearable art.

A "contest" among fans of Sandi Parker Original Oils on Facebook to name the line resulted in the name Sandi Sea Designs.


The Sea Glass

She Sells Sea Glass Hobart Tasmania AustraliaNecklace made with two different colors of green sea glass and a freshwater pearl
I have been an oil painter since 2003, and my love of the beach and painting seascapes developed into a line of jewelry, "Sandi Sea Designs."

This is a collection of sea-inspired jewelry made with the many treasures I collect at the beach: sea glass, shells, stones and pottery shards which have washed up on the shore.

I love making these one-of-a-kind pieces.

Contact Info

Little City Studios at Stifel and Capra in Falls Church is open:
Mon - Sat 10AM - 5PM,
Sun 12PM - 5PM.
Closed on major holidays.

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Sandi Sea Designs can be viewed at www.sandiparker.com. Contact sandiseadesigns@gmail.com

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