Frenchman Bay, Bar Harbor, Mt Desert Island, Maine, USA

by DonnaRae Wolf
(Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA)

Bar Harbor on Mt Desert Island, Maine, USA in Frenchman's Bay. Columbus Day week October 9th, 10th & 11th, 2017 in the small cove between the fisherman's dock & Bar Harbor Pier is where my husband & I have found a fair amount of nice sea glass that is well rounded & well frosted.

Many pieces are small but can still be used for any number of crafty items. Many pieces are sized between a penny size & quarter size.

One hour to one hour & half searching at low tide produced what you see on each baggie with the beach name & date. Pieces were found at low tide along the water's edge as well as along the high tide line & down across the beach as the tide would pull out. Also among the small pebbles on the beach.

Bar Harbor, Sand Beach, Seal Harbor & Marshall Point (on mainland Maine & Lighthouse Forrest Gump ran out to) all have public restrooms. On any of these beaches we searched this week, dogs were not allowed, however they were easily accessible to the public.

Hulls Cove is located along state route 3 on the north eastern side of the Island & Frenchman's Bay. Bar Harbor sits on the eastern side of the Island & Frenchman's Bay. Sand Beach is also on the eastern side of the Island & Frenchman's Bay & accessible by the Acadia Park Loop Road. Also accessible by The Park Loop Road is Otter Cove, just a bit farther south of Thunder Hole & Otter Cliffs on the south eastern part of the Island. Seal Cove is located in the south eastern part of the Island just after exiting Acadia National Park at the Stanley Brook entrance along state route 3.

Marshall Point & Rockland Breakwater are down the coast of Maine and accessible easily by car off state route 1 or 1A. In Camden Maine, Rockland Breakwater has very little wave action, but nice glass was found, mostly brown.

At Hulls Cove we found the usual clear & brown glass but also 3 pieces of pale PINK. On the other sites, again, we found the usual clear & brown but also very nice pale BLUES, GREENS & a couple pale YELLOW. Also some OLIVE green. At Marshall Point two(2) RUBY RED. Again most of these pieces are very well rounded and frosted. Good jewelry grade sea glass.

The Bar Harbor area is a very good place to find very nice sea glass. My husband & I have been vacationing there for 20+ years & collecting glass for the last 5 years or so. Most of our glass collected have come from these Maine beaches and Gloucester, MA.

Good luck and have fun, it's the best!

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