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Interview with Joan Laverick, Sea Glass Jeweler - UK of rare sea glass jewelry

Laverick is a special person and creator of innovative sea glass jewelry using very rare sea glass from the coast of England.

In 2010, Lin had a chance to ask Joan about her background and art. In 2016, we updated her informatioin.

Joan Laverick Seaglass JewelleryLin: Hi Joan. We've been looking forward to this partnership for a long time. First of all, why don't you tell us a little about yourself?

Joan: I've been a lover of the sea since being a little girl.

My mam used to take us to her caravan most weekends and I would spend hours surfing the beach. It was here where my first fascination with sea glass was born.

I was in awe of the sea's wondrous gems that kept floating up onto the shores and would hurriedly report my findings back to my family!

I have a wonderful loving family. I have been married for 34 years to my dear husband Bill. I have three children, two boys and a girl, who I love dearly. They give huge support to me and my work.

Now my life is about my family and grandchildren and my passion for producing my jewellery. glass jewerly making

I still work full time at the local college where I have worked for over 7 years.

One of the nice aspects of my job, I get 14 weeks holiday each year during which I can be found walking some of the best beaches in the world for seaglass.

Where are you from?

Joan: I live just outside Durham City North East England where I've lived all my life. It's a lovely city with great history.

Here I have my sea glass and orignial glass jewelry on display at the Durham Tourist information centre. They've been a regular client of mine for the last year and I receive amazing feedback from customers regarding my designs.
glass jewelry making

Lin: How did you get the Seaglass Bug?

Joan: It all started when my oldest son arrived home from a day at the beach with my grandson about 2 years ago. They handed me some multi-coloured seaglass they had collected from a local beach.

I found these gems very beautiful and started going to the beach myself to collect seaglass.

From here, I started to wire wrap the seaglass and made them into necklaces and other jewellery items ~ all self taught too!

Lin: How did you get into sea glass jewelry making and original glass jewelry design?

Joan: I made a pair of earrings for a leaving present for someone at my place of work and was asked if I could make more.

Before I knew it, I was selling them to all and sundry!! Soon orders cane flooding in from friends and family. It was at this time that 'Authentic Seaglass' was born, www.authenticseaglass.co.uk.

Original Glass JewelryI always remember one of the first sites I used to visit on a regular basis for information in those early days was Odyssey Sea Glass because it contained so much information.

I always remembered David & Lin's catch phrase, "Make your hobby your business," advice which I followed.

Lin: Have you ever taken any classes for sea glass jewelry making or original glass jewelry design?

Joan: No, I am self-taught through trial and error. Attention to detail is essential as I'm a perfectionist and will not be satisfied with my jewellery creations until the heart says 'YES I love that.'

Each item has a touch of tender loving care. I found that working with sterling silver allowed me to broaden my range and bring more intricate detail into the wrapping when coupled with silver soldering again self taught.

Sea Glass Jewelry Making

Lin: How do you come up with your sea glass jewelry making designs?

Joan: Through inspiration and creative expression. Some of my designs come to me whilst dreaming.

I'm always thinking of new and exciting ways to enhance the pure qualities of the seaglass which is uniquely beautiful in every sense of the word!

Lin: Who has helped you with your business along the way?

Joan: Shari Hart is a remarkable lady who lives steps away from beautiful Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA, a small seaside community located between Boston and Cape Cod.

Shari uses my seaglass in her photography to create picture cards and endorses my website on the back of each one. Her photography is also featured in the new book The Sea Glass Hunter's Handbook and the 2010 Sea Glass Wall Calendar both by author C. S. Lambert.

Her website can be found at http://www.etsy.com/people/OceanSkye. She sells the cards to a chain of stores including Reid Jaames, jewellers, Hull Massachusetts USA, who sells organza bags of my handpicked seaglass on my behalf.

Lin: Well, thank you so much Joan for this glimpse into your sea glass jewelry making experience in England and elsewhere. I know that our readers will enjoy reading this.

2016 - Business is booming for Joan. She has now been trading for 8 years. She has sold to 36 states of the USA and has repeat orders from Japan.

Joan has been in 6 magazines and local TV station wants to do a story on her success. 

Here is a link to her website - http://www.authenticseaglass.co.uk 

sea glass newsletter colors and shapes

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    Wrack - an ancient word with likely the same root as "wreckage," referring to debris washed up on a beach.

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