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Interview with Signe Lawson taken from Odyssey Sea Glass Newsletter

We'd like to introduce you to Signe, one of the very talented up-and-coming sea glass jewelers that have appeared on the seaglass scene recently. How did we decide to feature Signe?

Sea Glass and Handmade Sterling Jewelry

Rare Black Sea Glass Pendant ScotlandWell, I was on one of the forums and happened to run across a few pictures of Signe's jewelry. I kept going back to her pictures... and back... and back. Her jewelry was so tastefully designed and crafted and so unique.

I was really  impressed.

Since I'm not able to be making glass jewelry in the quantity I  wanted to do because of my health, I thought, hmmmm... and the wheels started turning.

Peach Pink Sea Glass PendantThat in a nutshell is where the idea of featuring some really "hot" sea glass artists who have been making glass jewelry really gelled.

Now, not only will we be able to provide a larger variety of truly fine jewelry to you folks, but it also gives us a chance to promote those who really deserve it!

Interview with Signe of Signeture X-clusive Jewelry

Lin: Signe, first tell us, where are you from and what is your background?

Sea Glass Bevel Earrings Beveled Ear RingsSigne: I live in Michigan near the Great Lake Erie. I was a Dental Tech. ( made teeth ) for 36 years and in 2008 lost my job due to the flailing economy in Michigan.

I started making jewelry in 2004, anticipating what could happen, and knowing I didn't want to stay in the dental business.

It was definitely the time for a career change.

Lin: What was the result of that decision? What is it about designing handmade sterling jewelry that brought about that decision?

Light Blue California Sea Glass PendantSigne: What can I say - now for the first time in my life, I have a job that I love and am passionate about!

I had never experienced the joy that creating has brought me in any other job I have had!!

Lin: How'd you get the idea to start using sea glass in making glass jewelry combined with your handmade sterling jewelry?

Signe: I took a traditional wire wrapping class and a bezel setting class a few years ago. I took what I learned and ran with it.

Rare Black Sea Glass Pendant ScotlandI found that I had an eye for contemporary design and was experimenting with different ideas, which brings me to how I got started making Sea Glass/Beach Glass jewelry.

First, I have friends who live on Lake Erie who were into collecting beach glass. I would look at their collections and some pieces would just speak to me.

I could actually see silver around them in my head. I really didn't care if the glass was flawed or undone, I just knew I could make them into a cool piece of jewelry.

I might add that, at that time, I had NO idea about how vast the sea glass community is.

Lin: Yes, it sure has grown! What can you tell us about your recent experience, work, or plans? What do you see in the future regarding handmade sterling jewelry and designing and making glass jewelry with it?

Rare Black Sea Glass Pendant ScotlandSigne: In the last couple of years I have learned so much about sea glass. The history, the colors, the shapes are all so fascinating to me!

Now I use hand-collected genuine jewelry quality glass from all over the world in all my one-of-a-kind designs.

As far as plans for the future go, I would absolutely love to be able to design and make sea glass jewelry every day, and it looks like maybe, just maybe, it's going to work out that way!

Lin: Thanks so much, Signe.

David and I love your sea glass and handmade sterling jewelry and are so excited about being able to share it with our friends in the Odyssey Sea Glass community.

See Signe's SignetureLine Jewelry at her Etsy Shop >>>

seaglass line

seaglass line

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