Mentor Headlands Beach

by Linda
( Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

Mentor Headlands Beach

Mentor Headlands Beach

photos by Paula Lively

~ beach glass report submitted by: Linda, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Awesome, huge beach! We always find so many beautiful pieces of glass here ... mostly greens, aquas, whites and browns, with the occasional cobalt. This beach also has beautiful rounded, smooth basalt rocks if you love beach rocks, too!

Mentor Headlands Beach

Mentor, Ohio, USA

Greens, aquas, whites and browns, with a few small pieces of cobalt and/or cornflower blue.

There are, of course, always pieces with the unpolished edges, but we just throw them back to 'finish'!

Public beach.

sea glass colors line

~  Aug 5
, 2015 - Beach report submitted by Erin in Willoughby, Ohio, USA

Beach: Headlands Beach, Mentor, Ohio

Every time I go to Headlands Beach, I find a small handful of beach glass (after about 2 hours of looking).

  • The idea is to look along the small stones on the shoreline and possibly against driftwood near the shore.

  • Spread the rocks lightly or dig slightly to reveal beach glass.

  • Sometimes, it will be sitting right on top of the stones, though.

A variety of beach glass can be found.

The most common are green and clear/white.

Brown, light blue and cobalt blue are the next most common.   I've seen yellow and red, but, those are somewhat rare.

The beach closes at dusk.

sea glass colors line

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Headlands Beach, Ohio - Sea Glass Report

by Karri James
(Canton, Ohio)

Mentor Headlands Beach find by ‎Chrissy Jones

Mentor Headlands Beach find by ‎Chrissy Jones

~ June 1, 2013
- Beach report submitted by Barbara B in Columbus, Ohio

Beach: Headlands Beach near Mentor, Ohio, USA

Headlands Beach State Park is EXCELLENT for finding beach glass.  (*see note below)

With 3 experienced beach glass hunters looking, we found over 100 pcs with-in 2 hours. 

  • Not sure of the quality but the quantity more than makes up for that. 

  • Most of the colors were white, brown, green and turquoise. 

  • We did find a few cobalt pieces but unfortunately no red. 

  • The pieces were well rounded and frosted. 

sea glass colors line


Feb 14, 2013 - Beach report submitted by Karri James in Canton, Ohio 

Beach: Headlands Beach near Mentor, Ohio

We always have good luck no matter what time of year we visit.
  • On a good day you can find up to 10-15 good jewelry pieces an hour - whites, browns, greens.
  • We always go home with some real cool tiles, marbles and just a couple fun colors like reds, orange, blues.
  • On an off day you might only find 5 big good pieces and plenty of smalls.
This is a public beach with miles to search so feel free to spend the day there and grill up some all American food, be sure to check for closing times since the restrooms and outdoor showers close up.

More info on Headlands Beach, Ohio:

Headlands Beach State Park is a public beach in Mentor and Painesville Township, Ohio, USA.
  • It is the longest natural beach on Lake Erie.
  • The park is between the Mentor Marsh and the Grand River. 
  • It is next to Fairport Harbor Coast Guard station and the local Morton Salt mine.
The Cleveland The Plain Dealer ranked Headlands as Ohio's Best Beach.
  • The mile-long beach attracts two million visitors a year from the US and Canada. 
  • The breakwall at the eastern end of the park, frequented by fishermen, has Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light. 
  • Amenities include hiking trails, a playground, and Headlands Dunes State Nature Preserve

We appreciate this report - and all reports we receive. However, when evaluating a report, use good judgment.

  • No photos were included with these report.
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David and Lin Sea Glass
David and Lin @ OdysseySeaGlass

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