Houghton Lake Heights

by Frank Krajenka
(Houghton Lake,Michigan)

~ lake glass beach report submitted by Frank Krajenka

Houghton Lake, Michigan

October 2016

Considering the fact that we live in Michigan, our sea glass finds are actually beach glass since there are no seas or oceans near by.

The Great Lakes which surround Michigan produce some wonderful pieces of glass, which my wife and I have been lucky to find, but what many don't consider is the wonderful glass that can be found along the beaches of inland lakes.

Just the day before yesterday, and only a couple hours prior to our first snow of the year, I stopped by a small section of lake shore on Houghton Lake, the largest inland lake in the state, to see if I could find a few pieces of glass.

Well was I in for a surprise. In just twenty minutes I found 90 pieces of glass.

The majority of the glass was well rounded and frosted. Several of the pieces had etching, or lettering on them and I found several shades of green and light blue, along with the typical brown and white/clear that we usually find in the area.I also found several pieces of ceramic.

What a great find considering my wife and I only began beach glass picking this July.

~ lake glass beach report submitted by Frank Krajenka

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Jul 06, 2020
Any other spots for Sea glass/beach glass at Houghton lake?
by: Rach

Heading up there soon, any spots to check out at Houghton Lake or even Higgins Lake?

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