Identify Glass Piece

by Bonnie
(FL )

South Florida sea glass

South Florida sea glass

*Color: Light Brown/Amber

*Found in South Florida - East Coast

*Letters: In All Caps - GLAS

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Mar 19, 2018
Not Duraglas...
by: David - OdysseySeaGlass

This lettering and mark don't match up to any Duraglas manufacturing marks.

To get help on possible identification, I wrote to David at and asked, "Other than Duraglas, what companies used that mark?"

His replies:

David, I think there are others,but I can't think of any right now. Could you email me a pic of the shard, as maybe I would recognize whether or not it is from a DURAGLAS bottle. Duraglas,as you may know, is just a brand name for Owens-Illinois Glass Company's bottle glass formula, introduced in 1940?

(sent pic)

David, I can’t identify it. Brockway used the trademark "SANI GLAS" but the lettering was in a semi-cursive with no oval, and I am sure it is not that trademark.

I’m sorry, although it seems VERY vaguely familiar, like I might have seen it on something a long time ago while browsing a flea market (or somewhere) I honestly am not sure what it would be.

Another trademark that comes to mind is GLASBAKE but of course that would be impossible since it is the last part of the word.

Mar 03, 2018
by: Suz

After research, I believe this yellow piece with letters GLAS to be from the bottom of a Duraglas bottle or jar made prior to 1963.

There should be a number under letters that corresponds to state glass was made in.

I have a similar one I found on a beach near my coastal home in N.C. it was made in PA.

Hope this helps.

Feb 27, 2018
by: Catworm

I believe it's a glass manufacturers I'd stamp....such as....

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