Identify this Flattened Sea Glass?

by Lyn Johnson
(Seattle, Washington, USA)



I am super new to living by the ocean and want to know what these pieces of sea glass could be.

Some of them have writing or patterns.

One looks to be a tiny crushed valve/ bottle?

Any information as to what these could be would be super appreciated!

Also any tips or tricks to find more/better glass and beaches?

Or what I should generally look to find?

I oiled a few of them so the pattern was more visible for the picture, they are all very frosted if that helps.


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Apr 24, 2016
Identify this flattened seaglass
by: Adele Price

I am no expert but your first piece does look like a little bottle which might have had a glass stopper in it – hopefully other people can give more information.

Your patterned pieces are really beautiful. Pics 3 and 4 look like the bottoms of glass bottles but I don’t know which kind.

I’m in England on the East Coast and I find most of my seaglass in amongst little pebbles or shingle on the strandline at low tide.

Good luck in future hunts and hope you enjoy it!

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