Lake Erie Sea Glass Near Buffalo NY

by Christy
(Buffalo, NY, USA)

Lake Erie Sea Glass Sampler, Near Buffalo NY

Lake Erie Sea Glass Sampler, Near Buffalo NY

First time posting to this site , so i just wanted rep my favorite Great Lake and hometown.

I do probably 99% of my collecting just a few miles south of Buffalo NY.

I'm an on and off collector.

Every once in a while i get that itch, and get obsessed. I'll be down at the beach every day if I can get away with it.

Included in the photo of my color sampler is an equine tooth I found at the beach in 2011, probably from a mule, which is one of the most unusual things I've ever found at at my favorite spot.

I've also included my small, but steadily growing collection of UV reactive glass, as it looks in under black light and in normal light.

That red piece in the center actually has a thin layer of yellow which fluoresces orange under the UV, the yellow layer is worn away near the middle, hence the pinhole appearance.

Anyway, I've filled many jars, mostly common stuff of course.

Some of my more rare colors only fill a shot glass.

When i get serious and collect often, I can expect to find at least one rare or uncommon color per trip to the beach.

recommended hotels for sea glass area Recommended Hotels in Buffalo

Pink and cornflower seem to be relatively abundant locally as far as rare colors go, though I've not yet found any true orange.

Multies and art glass are very rare here, except that which entered the lake as broken dishes or vases.

Most of the area is industrial, so i cant imagine there were a lot of glass artisans discarding their scrap into the water.

So if anything, I hope my photos inspire you to shuffle off to Buffalo! or at least take some time to skim our shores the next time you pass through.

I don't know if I'd call it a world class area to collect, but the odds are you will find something good.

By: Christy,
Buffalo, NY, USA

Comments for Lake Erie Sea Glass Near Buffalo NY

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Feb 08, 2024
Beach treasure
by: Karen

I enjoy going to Hamburge Beach. I know it’s town residents only in the summer . And I respect that. I find some big size hag stones . Ans some pieces of glass. I also started tumbling rocks. It’s one of my favorite spots. Just discovered the seaway trail last year . Just have to be carful with all the steps. And it’s closed on th winter . I also enjoy sunset beach off hours.

Nov 23, 2019
by: AlienLife

Hello. I am curious about your tooth you found. My friend found a "tooth Another friend took it to the Lab at her college and it was not a tooth but a 300 year old stag( antler tip) I was shocked.

Jun 06, 2019
Mule tooth my assumption
by: Rich

Get your tooth checked out. Some have found native ancient horse and camel teeth in this section of the lake. Great post!

Dec 05, 2018
My favorite witch is a sand witch.
by: Nathan

Just visited, Buffalo for business and had time to stop by Woodlawn Beach State Park. In half an hour on 12/5/18 I found about 20 pieces of clear glass frosted enough to make me happy. Threw three big pieces back that still had slightly rough edges. Easy to find in the patches of beach with tumbled pebbles. Thank you fall storms of Lake Erie! Glad I had a little time to comb.

Oct 10, 2018
Hamburg Beach
by: Ree

Just Discovered* That
Hamburg Beach *HAS*, "FREE* PARKING "

You either Need* to Be* a Resident
Or*, Pay to get in.

Oct 20, 2017
My lake Erie glass
by: Tracey

My new found love intrest. I have been collecting for 2 summers... I have a couple rare pieces, most are common pottery, clear, greens, aquas, ambers. I have a few pinks, lilacs, 1 orange,2 red and a couple big color. No idea what I will do with it. But it is a relaxing way to spend a couple hours.
I did find an aqua colored bottle stopper. My favorite piece by far. Would love to post photos for all to see. I am about 1 hr south of Buffalo.

Sep 30, 2016
Lake Erie visit
by: Karen

Thank you Christy! I will post pictures of anything that I find.

Sep 30, 2016
by: Christy

if you follow route 5 from downtown buffalo towards hamburg you will find my two favorite spots.
  • the first is marked by a lighthouse on hoover rd, right off rt. 5 and that is where i find my best stuff.
  • if you head south on the beach eventually you will come upon the wave tumbled ruins of an old building and i usually find my best stuff in that area. unfortunately, that beach is often washed out during strong weather, so it may be inaccessible. 
  • further down route 5 in wanakah is the Lake Erie Seaway Trail Center. there is a parking area with a staircase that leads down to the beach. i was just there yesterday and found a nice piece of bright yellow and also a piece of peach and 12 small pieces of cobalt. both beaches are also great for finding fossils and cool rocks. 
i would avoid Hamburg Beach since its for town residents only and you need a parking pass.

Woodlawn beach is large and popular and i seldom find good glass there hope you are able to come!

Sep 28, 2016
by: Karen

Hi, we will be in St Catharines at Thanksgiving and are thinking of visiting Buffalo for the day to hunt for sea glass.

Could you tell me the name of the beach, or the closest point to help narrow the search a bit? Thank you!

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