Miracle of the seaglass! - October 2011 Sea Glass Photo Contest

by Estela027

Miracle of the seaglass!

Miracle of the seaglass!

~ By: Estela027, Spain

Where was this photo taken?

Balearic Islands,Spain

Date, time of day, and weather conditions?

January, 2011. In the afternoon. A beautiful sunny day.

What were your feelngs or impressions when taking this photo?

Hypnotized by the beauty of this seaglass piece!

What kind of camera and/or lens did you use?

What tips or suggestions do you have for other photographers?

Just enjoy and love what you do.

~ By: Estela027, Spain

Map of Balearic Islands, Spain:

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Added Info on the Balearic Islands:

Consisting of five islands off the Eastern Coast of Spain in the Mediterranean, the Balearic Islands (Las Islas Bleares) are perhaps better known by their separate names.

the northern group of three islands is dominated by the two largest of the archipelago, Majorca and Menorca. A third island in the northern group is the small island of Cabrera.

The southern group of two islands has Ibiza and Formentera.

The attractive climate (300 sunny days a year) and the beautiful beaches are part of what makes these islands so attractive to vacationers on holiday from colder climes like England, France, and Germany.

Because of its strategic location providing access to much of the Western Mediterranean, this island group has been held by various navies over the centuries.

Now a part of Spain, the varied cultural background adds to the charm of the towns and people as well as the delicious cuisine.

Balearic Island Sea Glass

Of course, islands that have seen commerce for thousands of years and have plenty of coves and beaches are also going to be ideal locations for finding treasures from the past - sea glass!

As seen in the photo above and all of Estelas excellent photos, the Balearic Islands should be part of any serious sea glass collector's travel agenda.

Any takers?

~ by David (Chief Chef at OdysseySeaGlass Kitchens)

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Comments for Miracle of the seaglass! - October 2011 Sea Glass Photo Contest

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Nov 14, 2011
Deep yellow sea glass
by: Anonymous

Wow! that is such a nice color. Do you find it yourself? I would like to find sea glass like this too.

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