Moss Beach, Miramar, Dunes, Half Moon Bay Area

by Ken
(Syracuse NY)

Moss Beach California

Moss Beach California

~ By: Ken - Syracuse NY

Name of the Beaches... Pacifica, Moss, Miramar & Dunes

Area: San Francisco to Half Moon Bay - Northern. California, USA.

On Jan. 7 2012, Spent apx. 1 hour on each beach, did not find any glass. Seems high swell warnings from day before cleaned up beach of any loose pebbles/debris/glass if any from day before

Rate the beach: Poor

The only time this weekend I could have made this drive was at high tide, all the beaches I got on were still getting high water and with high swell warning of day before was not the best trip to beaches for sea glass from SF to HalF moon bay

Map for Pacifica to Half Moon Bay:

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Jan 11, 2016
Half Moon Bay Sea Glass With Bumps
by: Anonymous

We found the piece in Half Moon Bay california

Half Moon Bay Sea Glass ID

What did this come from to have all these bumps?

Nov 03, 2015
Seal Cove, Moss Beach, Half Moon Bay, Ca
by: Anonymous

I only found about 8 small pieces.

Feb 17, 2013
Half Moon Bay
by: Claudia

Just south of Half Moon Bay, Pillar Point is the state beach. The beach has free access.

You only need to walk a distance toward the big fancy hotel on the bluff (Ritz-Carleton).

I have found small to medium well-worn pieces of glass at high tide and low tide.

From what I understand the cliffs were used as a dump so the glass may might be making its way to the ocean and back.

There was a little grouping of rocks not far from the hotel with good supply (was best at low tide, of course).

I even found a $10 dollar bill and had a nice lunch in Pescadero later that day.

However, finding the rare glass is at best rare, otherwise it wouldn't be rare!

Hope this helps someone.

Apr 02, 2012
San Francisco to Half Moon Bay
by: Anonymous

My brother and I visited most of the beaches from Baker Beach in Frisco to Moss and Pillar Point to the south and found only a few pieces of very poor craft grade glass.

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