My Beach Glass Designs

by Christine
(Puerto Penasco.MX )

sea glass directory Bellingham Washington Victoria Roberts jewelry

My Beach Glass Designs

Puerto Penasco, MX

Sea Glass Gifts


I collect sea glass on my beaches here in Mexico.  We have some beautiful beaches with a lot of different colors of sea glass. 

I live in a small beach town called Las Conchas, a block from the beach and the Sea of Cortez.  I moved here about 4 years ago when I got married. 

sea glass directory Bellingham Washington Victoria Roberts jewelry

I started out making picture frames and mirrors, which I still make. 

I have expanded my inventory which includes, sea glass clocks, big and small, trinket boxes, key chains, sea glass candle holders, and my biggest seller sea glass wind chimes / mobiles.

Another popular item that I make are sea glass wreaths which are decorated with starfish or sea shells giving them a nautical theme. 

Products and Services

sea glass directory Bellingham Washington Victoria Roberts jewelry

I make all different kinds of wind chimes.

Some are made from large chunks of glass that I've collected.

Another version is a tiered 7 strand chime attached to a piece of driftwood.

Still other ones are made attached to a round glass plate with silver bells at the ends.

sea glass directory Bellingham Washington Victoria Roberts jewelry

It's kind of  hard selling here in Mexico, there aren't many craft fairs to go to, but I do have a studio that my husband made for me in our house.

I'm open all the time, as long
as we're home.  We rent out houses to people for vacation, and I have sold to them in the past. 

The Sea Glass and Beach Finds

I try to use things that I find on the beaches here.  For example, I found a old fishing net while walking on the beach one day .  I cleaned it and wrapped it around a styrofoam ring and glued the glass on in between the holes, added sea shells, and it looks great.


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Contact Info

My studio is located in:
Sec 1 lot 166 in Las Conchas, Puerto Penasco, Mexico
or as some call it Rocky Point. 

I have a PO Box in Arizona,  about an hour away which is were I mail the crafts that I sell.   My US mailing address is:
PO Box 1259 Lukeville, AZ 85341

I sell my crafts on Etsy:

I also have a facebook page under: My beach glass designs

You can also email me at:

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Comments for My Beach Glass Designs

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Sep 21, 2011
beautiful wind chimes!!
by: Anonymous

Your work is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Would you be willing to share how you drill the holes into the sea glass. I have used a dremel with a diamond bit. Its awfully pricey as I'm sure you know and I'm hoping there's and easier way.

Again, thanks for sharing. If you don't mind, could you reply at my gmail address?

paintedturtlekona (at)

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