Please Help ID this Sea Glass Shard

by Sonja Demandt
(The Netherlands)

please help id!

please help id!

Does any of you have any idea what could be the origin of this piece of sea glass?

It was found on a beach on the Cote D'Azur France this summer.

it only shows the letters N (or M?) I C K , any idea's?

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Oct 23, 2015
Holding on.
by: Sonja

Hello Nick,

I can imagine you would like to have this piece i would love to have a piece with my name on it too :), and there are others how would like to have it too!

I have kindly declined all offers because i have a little collection and this is one off my most special pieces so i am holding on to it!

Maybe someday i will own a red, i would love that.
We will see what the waves bring in!

Thanks for your interest!


Oct 21, 2015
I'll trade you a piece of Red for this "Nick" piece
by: Seaglassdog

Hi Sonja, I have a proposition for you, my name is Nick Donofrio and I would like to have this seaglass you found.

In fact I will trade you a piece of Red or Red-Orange seaglass for it!!

This is a super deal for you not to turn down....Just ask Dave & Lin!!......Think about it......


Oct 21, 2015
by: Sonja

Hello Shaz, thanks so much for your help!

It seems like that is right!

I just love this now i know where it came from, tried to make all kinds of names but leaving it at Nick and adding old never crossed my mind.

Thanks again,


Oct 20, 2015
Sea Glass with Nick Wording
by: Anonymous

H Sonja

I just found this link to a French Rum called Old Nick. Perhaps it's a part of one of those bottles?



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